Five things you need to know before going to an IVF clinic

pregnant womanAlmost every woman dreams about having a child, but not everyone has this possibility. Sometimes couples can’t conceive a child in a natural way, so they go to the reproductive health clinic to have a child with the help of IVF. If you go to IVF clinic you need to know how it works and what you should expect from this procedure.

1. Rates of live birth

It is important to know that older women have less chance to conceive a healthy baby than younger, and IVF success rates get lower as women get older. Statistic shows that the best age to have a baby is around 30. But if a woman is about 40 she should know that there isn’t no guarantee that she will become pregnant on the first attempt. But it is possible.

You should look at rate of live birth at that clinic where you go, because it is important to know the statistic of successful work there.

2. Blastocyst

Another thing that is an advantage is a blastocyst culture.

Earlier, in IVF process embryos were used only at cleverage stage, but today the best results are when embryos are 5 days old. At this stage, it is easier to select the more live embryo. Embryos at this stage have a greater ability for implantation, since they have already overcome obstacles that usually arise in the early stages of development. Therefore, we limit the number of transplanted blastocysts to one (maximum two), thus reducing the risk of multiple pregnancy.

3. Sperm Injections

The ICSI is a procedure of injecting sperm into uterus and it is used for IVF in such cases:

  • low sperm count in semen;
  • reduced sperm motility in semen;
  • many abnormal sperm in semen;
  • sperm contains anti sperm antibodies;
  • undiagnosed pathologies of sperm or egg cells.

4. Budget of a clinic

Less expensive don’t use a lot of stimulating hormones, so patients don’t need to spend a lot of money on drugs. But you should know that it can be good for younger people, who have more chances.

Patients with smaller budget can ask their clinic to tell how they are planning to watch their reaction to the low dose. And if you didn’t get the clear answer, it is not worth the risk.

5. Lab conditions

IVF is not just a biology, it’s more. Conditions should be suitable for storing biological material, because embryos are very sensitive to all natural factors.

Laboratory standards take a very important place in the IVF process, since good conditions for storage and development of the embryos are the key to successful fertilization and development of the fetus.

So, now you know about IVF and what you should pay attention to while looking for a good clinic such as “ivf treatment clinic“. Be careful and take care of your health