Eye Revive: Find Your Fountain of Youth

eye-reviveA lot of beauty trends come and go, but usually because they aren’t backed by scientific findings. Clarins is a cosmetic company with roots in scientific fact and research. Founded by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954, Clarins’ products are based on more than just hype and advertising hyperboles. Production began in the 1970s, and the effectiveness of every product increases with each new generation.

Clarins began with a simple concept and grew into a worldwide phenomenon. A French-based company, Clarins is known for their skin and wellness products. The creator and owner, Courtin, was well before his time, continually formulating products that revitalize the skin to its previous, youthful nature. The name “Clarins” came from a character that Courtin played in one of his school productions. Because he thought of it as his good luck charm, he built his skin care empire around it. To add to the allure, he even changed his name from Jacques Courtin to Jacques Courtin-Clarins, giving himself a new persona.

The Origins of Eye Revive

Starting in France, word of his products soon spread around the globe and reached the U.S. in the 80s. By the mid-90s, Clarins had become the top selling brand in Europe. The many products offered are now available in over 150 countries across the globe. Although Clarins is no longer alive, his sons now manage the company and maintain its family-owned feel and attention to quality.

What Clarins understood and perhaps made him so successful is that selling women’s skin care products isn’t just about marketing. Clarins understood that women feel good about themselves when they like the way that they look. So, beauty products aren’t just about painting a woman’s face; they are about helping women feel and look young for a lifetime.

Clarins was always a forward thinker, not only with his skin care products but also with his awareness of animal rights and trends in the cosmetic industry. His company was the first French company to abandon the use of animal testing in 1987. Furthermore, they’ve based their products around being environmentally friendly, and they refuse to use chemicals that are harmful to the atmosphere or to the women who use them.

One of the most popular products that the Clarins’ line produces is the Eye Revive Beauty Flash. It’s not your average skin care salve; it was designed for use around the delicate part of the eyes, eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles that can age a woman’s appearance. Unlike other skin care products, Eye Revive doesn’t take weeks to work. When applied, it instantly brings a woman’s eyes to life.

What Are Eye Revive’s Main Ingredients?

No fillers or extra chemicals are added to Eye Revive, thanks to Clarins’ healthy philosophy. The serum is comprised of white tea extracts, lily, and rose water to soothe dry eyes and help alter an aging appearance that fine lines can give a woman as she ages. It’s best used in the morning to fix baggy eyes and dark circles. By replenishing the delicate, sensitive skin around a woman’s eyes, Eye Revive locks in moisture, giving skin a glow that turns back the clock.

Also included in the formula are young wheat proteins that help tighten the outer layers of the skin. The Vitamin E and corrective pigments enhance your complexion instantly, making skin look more even and healthy. Olive leaf, extracts of rose petal, and Water Lily milk work to protect the skin from the sun and the environment, while the white tea refreshes the skin and works as a decongestant. As one of the staples of Clarins’ line of skin care products, the anti-pollution complex is the bonus that protects your skin from everyday aging.

To do away with the damage that comes with age, simply apply the Eye Revive in a dabbing motion around the exterior of your eye. Use it underneath your makeup to cover up the fine lines and wrinkles that are exhausted by foundation and other skin care products. Clarins is a product line that has been perfecting its formula for over fifty years. Thanks to their forward thinking and environmentally conscientiousness, you don’t have to sacrifice your health or the environment to get the youthful look you crave. Try it out today to look younger and stop the aging process in its tracks!