The dream lives on

As we ready ourselves to traverse through to the future, we cannot forget the many people who kept us going through the past seven years. For us, this is a landmark moment, as we have come a long way since we began. But it wouldn’t have been possible without our readers, advertisers, authors, printers, and all other partners and stakeholders. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you, for having contributed in your own way in keeping this dream alive. Thank you!

It is a good time to reiterate that Complete Wellbeing is not just a magazine. It is a mission, to help every individual discover his or her intrinsic magnificence. And when you sign up for the mission, you sign up not just for greater personal self-awareness but a more conscious planet.

Complete Wellbeing is just one of the many missions around the world that actively promote aware living. Today, we salute all those selfless individuals and organisations, who inspire us and show us the way. Yes, it is possible to live on a more peaceful planet, where love is valued more than success, where relationships take precedence over possessions, where prevention is trusted more than cure, where peace is more important than victory, where abundance flows to everyone, and fear is conspicuous by its absence. Yes, we believe it is possible to create heaven on Earth. But it’s a choice we must make.

And we believe that together we can make it happen.