Dishwashing Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easier

Many people love home-making and culinary experimentation. Many people find it therapeutic to experiment different ways in which you can play around with ingredients and create new dishes. That being said, regardless of how much one loves building a home and playing around in the kitchen, what comes later is the much-hated part. Even the most dedicated chefs and the most prominent cooking maestros dread the cleaning part of it.

The tough stains, the dirty dishes and cleaning greasy dishes is the worst and by far one of the most difficult things to handle. At times even hours of washing and scrubbing fails to defeat the stubborn stains and residue. The worst thing to happen could be a piece from your favorite dinner set being ruined because you ended up washing it the wrong way or you scrubbed it way too much. Here are a few miraculous hacks that can do wonders and can make your life much easier regarding cleaning the dishes.

Before heading on to any of the dishwashing hacks, remember that whatever you do, the core ingredients that you require in almost any dishwashing hack is good dishwashing detergent. Therefore, it is essential that you do your research and invest in one of the best dishwashing detergents that are readily available in the market.

Removing Residue of Sticky Food and Grease

One of the tackiest and most robust parts of dishwashing is to deal with those gross greasy food residue that sticks to your pots and pans and refuse to go away no matter what you do. A bit of advance prepping up can help make the task a whole lot easier. When you are done the cooking, put the dishwashing part at the end of all your chores. Meanwhile, seal the duct of your kitchen sink and fill it up with clean water, preferably hot water. Add your dishwashing detergent and some vinegar to this water and let it set.

You are to soak your pots, pans, and dishes in this solution and leave them for a while. You can finish your meals and do other chores while the answer does its part of the job on the grease and residue. The dishwashing detergent and vinegar will combine to weaken the grease, and the food is sticking to your dishes and a mild wiping and rinsing them with clean water will do the magic.

Dealing with Burnt Pots

All kitchen enthusiasts love investing in new and beautiful looking kitchenware, crockery and cutlery. It would be your worst nightmare to see your expensive new pot becoming the victim of the stubborn burn marks, but sadly those ugly marks are one of the most difficult to get rid of. The next time you end up with a burnt pot, fill your pot with cold water. Add about three to four tablespoons of salt, some vinegar, and your dishwashing detergent and let the solution sit overnight or for ten to twelve hours. Next, heat the pot and bring the solution in the pot to boil followed by rinsing it under clean running water. Your pot will be free of any burn marks.