What Can Genetic Testing Accomplish?

Concept of genetic testingGenetic testing has come a long way since its rather humble beginnings. As we unlock more secrets of the human genomes, we’ve discovered new truths that can be revealed within each individual person’s DNA. New advances mean that we can unlock a world of truths about health from your genetic code, but it’s important to make sure you not only gain access to the secrets stored within your genes, but also have access to a trained genetics counselor to help you understand the secrets that are revealed and what they may mean for you.

Many science fiction books and films have been devoted to the manipulation of genes and what that can mean for humanity. But real science reveals that your genes tell stories of their own. They can reveal where you come from, by identifying your mother and father – or even your country of origin. They can tell the story of where you’ve lived and traveled – chemicals or minerals you’ve been exposed to, for instance. Your genes can also tell stories about your potential for contracting certain illnesses, passing along certain illnesses to your children, or even how well certain medications will work your unique genetic structure.

Gain Feedback on Your Personal Genetic Risks

Understanding the risks you face helps you prepare for them. Whether you have a heightened risk for certain health conditions, certain types of cancer, or even hope to discover whether you have a genetic predisposition for some illnesses, genetic testing plus counseling can help you make important decisions and lifestyle changes that could alter what your genes are telling you.

Another type of genetics testing, can help you determine which kinds of treatments might be more effective for you according to your personal genetic code. This can be highly useful if you have chronic health problems that require costly medications and want to be certain these medications are likely to work. It can also help you save precious time by avoiding medications that are unlikely to have the desired health results. One other thing pharmacogenomics can help determine is whether you are likely to experience extreme or abnormal side effects from certain medications. In some circumstances, this can be extremely helpful.

Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Testing

The decision to bring a new life in the world is both the most exciting and most terrifying decision you are likely to make. While there are no guarantees for anyone that you will carry a bright bouncing bundle of joy into the world with no defects or health concerns, you can learn what kinds of risks you and your partner would be taking, genetically, for doing so with pre-pregnancy genetic screening. Genetic counselling can help you understand what risks can be mitigated and go from there.

Prenatal Genetic Testing

Once you are pregnant, there are only a few ways to test for certain genetic disorders that could affect your baby. Unfortunately, most of them carry risks. Using non-invasive genetic testing, though, you can avoid many instances of more invasive procedures – taking a huge weight off your mind and reducing the risks to mother and child.

Genetic testing has changed a great deal over the last two decades. Now it’s not something related to crime dramas and science fiction, but something that is changing lives – for the better.