He swam with sharks for an ice-cream by Dhaval Bhatia

Though prima facie, the book is about successful entrepreneurship, it is by no means just about success in business.


Published by Jaico Publishing House

Pages: 306

Price: INR195

ISBN13: 978-81-8495-066-3

Dhaval Bhatia’s attempt to fictionalise what could have been yet another how-to self-empowerment book has worked well. The book delivers powerful ideas in the form of a simple story about a retired billionaire businessman who learned powerful secrets of success and wealth-creation by working directly with the great industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani.

Though prima facie, the book is about successful entrepreneurship, it is by no means just about success in business. The author beautifully weaves into the story numerous nuggets of practical wisdom in the form of anecdotes, analogies and quotations. The highlights of the book are the glimpses we get into the life of Ambani, whose courage and business insights are stuff of folklore. The real life tales of this man, who went from being a petrol pump attendant to founding one of the biggest business empires in the world, leave you thoroughly inspired—this alone makes the book worth reading.

Here’s a book that you must not miss for the simple yet powerful lessons of success that it contains.

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