Berkey Water For a Healthier You

blankYou may be wondering what the rave is about Berkey water filter systems. These stainless steel wonders a hit amongst homesteaders and crunchy, new-age millennials, and has now become a household name in most urban areas. Individuals and parents are both looking towards the Berkey, not just because it is an eye-catching addition to any kitchen, but because it is one of the world’s best countertop filtration systems today. Homeowners who can distinctly taste or smell their tap or well water will agree, the Berkey will change your perspectives on what a healthy drinking supply is forever.

Not Just a Filtration System

Do you know what is in your water supply? We are not just talking about the terrible facts that you hear about lead contamination and fluoride in the news. Even though over twenty million people drink water from their tap each day that does not meet national health standards, we are talking about your water supply, which flows out of your sink. Do you know what is in it? Until you have a Berkey, you will never truly understand the difference.

Berkey water filters provide clean and safe drinking water, well beyond what most refrigerator water pitchers will. It is considered a water purifier. Not only will it remove over 200 different contaminants that you may not even be aware of in your tap water, but it will also remove bacteria and viruses.

Protecting Your Family from Long-Term Harm

A United States Geological Survey found that over 4,000 pharmaceuticals end up in water supplies. Pharmaceutical deposits in the water supply are due to individuals not being able to metabolize their medications or the flushing of unused medicines down the toilet. How does this affect your family? Think of all of the opioids, antidepressants, and other drugs that your children and elderly parents could be ingesting without even knowing it. Berkey filters are one of the only affordable and reliable cleaners that you can purchase to filter these medications out of your water before consumption.

Toxic Residue from Garbage

Although water treatment facilities and soil do their best to filter out the garbage that Americans keep dumping, many things are missed, including Bisphenol-A—commonly known as BPA. This toxic residue is a byproduct of plastic containers. It has known effects on newborns and infants. Although many manufacturers can begin to use BPA-free plastics, the damage has already been done in so many ways. Look at the plastic that is in our oceans and along the roadside. Fortunately, Berkeys will remove up to 99.9 percent of all BPA after filtration.

The Other Heavy Metal

We are not talking about the genre of music that your neighbor loves at two in the morning. We are talking about mercury, zinc, arsenic, and other heavy metals lurking in your water supply. These metals, even in small doses, can be toxic and even lethal to people. If you have not had your water supply tested, you may not know how heavy the metal content truly is. How awful to think that you are trying to be healthy by drinking what your body needs most, and all it is doing is making you sicker by the day. Berkey water filters remove these contaminants, giving you some peace of mind.

Short Term Solution

When a natural disaster hits, having a sound water supply is essential. Refrigerator filtration systems can go down during an electrical outage. Stores may not have a ready amount of your home pitcher’s replacement filters. Contaminated water needs to be treated for consumption, and Berkey filters not only have an incredibly long life (6,000 gallons for just two filters- and it can hold up to four in each system). They also do not require any power source other than gravity. The safety and security of knowing that you have an accessible and sound water supply during a natural disaster is at least one less worry that you have to entertain.

You will know right away if a person is a Berkey user or not. Why? They will rave about it as soon as you ask about it. They will hand you a tall glass of water and tell you to try it, and you will be amazed when you do. Not only does the water taste purer than you could ever imagine, but it also eliminates more than you will ever know or see from your tap or well water. If you are looking to improve your well-being by drinking water that is truly good for you, Berkey water filter systems are the best investment that you could make for you and your family.