What’s Handy for Your Feet

Ever thought of your hand and feet in your regular beauty routine?

FeetA beautiful face gives pleasure to the eyes, but beautiful hands give pleasure of touch as also of sight. Hands are symbols of beauty as well as messengers of sentiment. Possibly, they are more important than the beauty of face.

There are three things that keep hands beautiful: soft skin, shapely fingers, and beautiful nails.

Hands are one of our most expressive features that need to be moisturised and cared for – to keep them looking at their best. We often spend time on our face, and hair, but we don’t think about the way our hands look. Could it be that our hands are our most neglected part?

Manicure is the care of hands, nails and arms. The term “manicure” is derived from the Latin word “manus,” which means hands. Its main purpose is to keep hands and arms clean and in good condition.

Here are some easy tips on how-to-do your manicure and pedicure.


Make it up to your hands by pampering them with a manicure. The word “manicure” means hand and cure. Purpose

  • Prevents nail damage like splits, tears, and fragile tips
  • The accompanying massage of the hands improves blood circulation, suppleness and flexibility of the hands and wrist
  • Discourages wrinkling of the skin on the hand, which is one of the first body parts to show signs of aging.

Things to do

  1. Remove old polish with acetone, using cotton
  2. Shape the nail using nail-cutter and nail filer
  3. Dip and soak the hands in lukewarm water to which liquid soap, or shampoo, is added
  4. Wash the hand with cold clear water and then wipe fingers with a soft towel
  5. Clean the nail using orange stick and cotton dipped in antiseptic lotion
  6. Buff the cuticle with some cream
  7. Push the cuticle back gently using cuticle pusher
  8. Massage hands for five minutes
  9. Apply the first coat of nail polish
  10. When the first coat is dry, and hard, apply the second coat. Do not dab but apply three even strokes, starting at the base and sweeping up to the top.


Our feet are the most strained and worked-out part, and also the most “abandoned”. Having pretty feet is not something that is just going to happen. You have to work at it, but the results are worth it. It is important to work one’s way for healthy and beautiful feet as beautiful feet owe their share for a beautiful body.

A pedicure is a way to improve the appearance of the feet, and nails. It basically is a manicure for the feet. The word, pedicure, comes from the Latin “pes” [foot], and “cura” [care]. It also means the care of the feet and toenails.


  • To keep the feet in good condition and make the skin soft and smooth
  • It improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin, and the leg and foot muscles
  • It discourages foot ailments
  • It improves blood circulation, nourishes the leg skin and foot muscles.

Things to do

  1. Soak your feet in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes; then pat them dry. Make sure that you cover your toenails thoroughly
  2. Remove any old enamel from your toenails with cotton wool and enamel remover
  3. Use your nail clippers to file and cut your nails. File your toenails to take off any rough edges, but only straight across
  4. Take your tipped orange stick and put some cuticle cream on, massage into the cuticles in circular movements. Clean the foot using nailbrush, foot-scrapper and pumice stone
  5. Re-soak your feet for a couple of minutes
  6. With your tipped orange stick apply cuticle remover again to the cuticles
  7. Wet your cuticle knife to carefully lift the cuticle
  8. Re-soak again and then dry thoroughly
  9. Apply a good moisturiser all over your foot and ankle and massage it gently. Also, at this time you can lightly dust between your toes with a medicated talc, or foot powder
  10. Apply your base coat and wait for it to dry. Pick your nail polish and paint on. Don’t forget the topcoat for coloured enamels.


  • For clean nails always soak them in vinegar after you have clipped your finger nails. This will kill germs, fungus and keep nails healthy
  • To remove ink mark from your beautifully polished nails dab some toothpaste – the white variety, not gel – on a paper towel and work it into the nail. If you rub for a couple of minutes you will find that the ink just disappears
  • An amino acid complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and biotin taken together will help the body build keratin. This improves the overall health of your nails
  • A paste made with alum and water is effective in relieving ingrown nails
  • Apply foot cream before going to bed, to avoid cracked heels
  • Avoid wearing high heels as they put pressure on the feet. Ill-fitting shoes or weakened arches may cause corns and calluses
  • To prevent foot odour [due to perspiration], use odour-control products that comprise of foot powders, foot sprays and specially-designed insoles. These keep the feet dry and fresh as well as prevent foot odour
  • Shoe-bite is a common complaint. To avoid shoe-bite, use heel grips and pads and also “air pillow,” which provide cushioning comfort while relieving pressure on your heels.

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