Tips for driving on foggy streets

This winter, keep these tips in mind when driving on foggy streets

car in fogHere are few tips for safe driving in a fog.

    1. Never drive on high beam: High beams get reflected back from the fog and impair visibility by creating a ‘white-colored wall’ in front of you. Drive on low beam or fog lights. Low beams direct light down onto the road and also help other drivers see you.
    2. Reduce speed and keep an eye on your speedometer: Drive as slow as possible to avoid crashing into stationary or other slow-moving vehicles. Fog creates the illusion of slow motion when you may actually be speeding. Please maintain an eye on your speedometer.
    3. Listen for traffic you cannot see: Avoid playing loud music and open your window a little to hear well.
    4. Never stop in the middle of the road: If your car stalls or becomes disabled, turn your vehicle’s lights off, and take your foot off of the brake pedal. People tend to follow tail lights when driving in fog, which may result in a crash. Switch on your parking lights or blinkers. Move away from the vehicle to the side of the road to avoid injury.
    5. In case of ZERO-visibility: Follow painted lane markings or the central verge of the road as a guide. Watch out for vehicles that may have stalled.
    6. Be patient: Do not overtake vehicles or pass lines of traffic.
    7. Keep windows clear: Always use your defroster and windscreen wipers in foggy conditions to keep the windows clear.
    8. Indicate well in time: Give turn indicators atleast 10 seconds before any turn. Making sudden moves may not allow other drivers to brake in time due to slick road conditions in fog.

Courtesy: SAVELife Foundation

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