The Wisdom of Silence

The need for creative satisfaction and bonding can sometimes leave us gasping for a few moments of calm

DropOur lives have become increasingly chaotic with multiple tasks calling for our attention in our growing urgencies. How is one to pursue a higher path with so many distractions and stimuli coming their way and pinching away precious energy?

The answer is quietness – even though finding and utilising moments of serenity may appear to be a daunting task. But, it needn’t be so.

Calm exists, as an oasis of quietness, tucked away on the most hectic days.

Most times, we fritter away these spaces of time worrying about some future event, or task. Or else, we seek fodder to keep our mental machines going or ourselves preoccupied.

We need to question if at, some level, the idea of doing nothing bothers us.

The preoccupied mind is prone to fatigue and burn out. Just as any mechanical or digital device, the human mind needs intermittent periods of rest and activity during the day to perform better. Even five-minute spells are sufficient, when tapped into fully.

To begin with, mull consciously even on issues for which you do not have answers at the moment. Let them reside. Come back to them with a refreshed mental scape.

The idea is to do this consciously. Else, the process is rendered powerless.

Similarly, when dealing with emotional issues, jot down the possible ways in which you can deal with that loved one in an unseemly situation, or what evokes a negative feeling in you.

We tend to ponder over issues which involve emotions of fear, anger and pain far more than those which bring joy. Observing one’s thoughts reveals what are the specific negative thoughts contemplated with regularity.

Once the worries of the mind have been silenced, howsoever briefly at first, we can shift our attention to our physical body and consciously relax every part and muscle. And, in so doing, we can listen to the messages the body is constantly emitting.

The bottom line: we need to be intentionally receptive to the messages our bodies and minds send out, even when those subtle messages appear vague or lost in the noise that envelope us in everyday life.

  • Quietening the clamour in our minds is the first step to reading and then deciphering these messages
  • Starting with grasping a few minutes of refreshing tranquillity each day, while travelling, or waiting in line or lying in bed, we can tune into the needs of the inner self, top up our energy levels and restore our mental clarity. Give it a shot
  • Sometimes, it is in the space between words where the greatest meaning lingers.

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