The Karma Yogi in Us

Hard-working professionals who apply their talents and skills in service of evolution exemplify karma yoga

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Many executives and scientists practice the science of yoga – even if they don’t know it.

When you think of yogis, what image comes to mind – an old man with a long white beard, tattered clothing and bare feet? Or, perhaps, a saffron-robed monk holding a begging bowl, hoping the kindness of strangers will provide his only meal for the day.

While yogis and monks practice the art of meditation, many executives and scientists practice the science of the yoga of service and action – without knowing the traditional ways of yoga practice.

So, in more ways than one, hard-working professionals, who apply their talents and skills in service of evolution, exemplify karma yoga.

The karma yogi achieves inner development and spiritual realisation through life’s labours and offers the results to a higher ideal, or the Divine Source of Life. This is done with selflessness and without the negative influences of ego, pride, arrogance, or expecting something in return.

Today, many business executives, social workers, scientists, political leaders and public servants, irrespective of the positions they hold, can be considered as karma yogis, because they work to benefit humanity, or improve the environment. Often, this form of yogic service starts with financial generosity and/or philanthropy.


Karma yoga demonstrates the principle that I refer to as “flower where you are planted.” I believe modern-day yogis are needed to uplift humanity, and they can best direct their talents to projects that benefit the common greater good – rather than drop out of society to pursue a spiritual path.

For example, while travelling in the Himalayas, earlier this year, I met a doctor who had spent more than a decade searching for the meaning of life, retracing the paths of great saints. After studying with me for several weeks, he decided the next step on his spiritual path was to return to the practice of medicine, so he could use what he had learned to help others better.

Prolonged good fortune

Many benefits and much inner development are derived from the practice of karma yoga. And, because one is constantly working, they accrue quickly.

  • Will-power is developed by working-out difficulties in daily life
  • Mental creativity is sharpened to materialise goals and projects
  • Devotion to and love for one’s mission and work
  • Group consciousness to work in teams
  • Global consciousness to understand world affairs, especially for executives and scientists involved in international commerce and projects.

With hard work comes financial success.

Maximise Altruism in the Modern World

How do karma yogis preserve their good fortune? Altruism is the key and power behind prosperity and sustained abundance. It starts with financial generosity.

I describe many ways to deepen one’s altruism and karma yoga in my book, 8 Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know. Here are two techniques:

  1. Give what you need most. You can give and receive emotional, mental and spiritual benefits as well as financial rewards through altruism. If you need more love and respect, give others more love and respect. The same is true with virtues such as kindness, friendship and support leading to win-win solutions
  2. Become a philanthropist. Maximum benefit comes from harvesting good karma by making monetary donations to causes that have the greatest influence on world evolution and human development for the longest period of time, and for the largest number of beneficiaries — people, animals, and the environment.

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Del Pe
Modern Sage and Life Mentor, Master Del Pe is a world expert in meditation, yoga, martial arts and energy healing science. His teachings help people 'master life ahead of its time' with practical tools and techniques to live healthier, be happier and grow faster spiritually. He has authored eight books and created several CDs and DVDs for wellness and self-mastery.


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