The journey to joy

Develop your higher self to discover a life where all things are easy and joyous. Then, ordinary living will be a thing of the past

Every person follows a predictable progression along a systematic path called ‘spiritual initiations.’ Spiritual initiations refer to a person’s level of inner development and ‘rank’ on the ladder of spiritual development. The first levels form what is called the Path of Spirituality. The second levels form the Path of Divinity.

The Path of Spirituality has many levels of spiritual ‘unfoldment’. It is the immediate road ahead for humanity. Along this path, individuals advance from a physical instinctive type nature to a more loving one. They then progress to intelligent nature until they live a highly productive life of service reaching the level of Sagehood. These sages are a step higher than Saints. However, they are not necessarily the type we know as religious or canonised saints.

The spiritual evolution

As people evolve spiritually, inner powers and faculties develop along with ever-greater levels of responsibility. Let’s look at some of these:

Basic level

Primitive people have developed the instinct to survive through food, shelter and procreation, but do not have higher consciousness yet. Their responsibility of a primitive person is to oneself and to one’s immediate family.

Ordinary people or masses desire a better home, food and passionate relationships. They possess the power of ordinary common sense and education. Their responsibility is to self, immediate family, relatives and friends.

Level 1

Intelligentsia can be either mystical or mental kind. At advanced levels, they can become first Initiates. They desire a comfortable lifestyle with a better home, good food, recreation and more money. They are health conscious, have a passion for success and aspire to higher education, whether through university or advanced seminar training. Their responsibilities extend to oneself, immediate family, relatives, friends, colleagues, immediate communities and social affiliations.

Level 2

Advanced people are generally second Initiates. They aspire to a cultured life of intelligent hard work guided by a great vision, mission and plan. They have started to develop the Third Eye, a synthesis of the upper chakras that allows a person greater access his/her soul to penetrate the higher levels of truth.

The responsibilities of such individuals are to self, family, relatives, friends and social affiliations as well as to evolutionary projects and missions with greater impact.

The basic difference

Each initiation brings with it greater responsibilities as well as increased power to manifest evolutionary goals. What is acceptable for someone who is just starting out on the evolutionary path may not be for someone who is about to become a Sage.

Here is an example. Spending hours at parties may be entertaining for the ordinary person. But for many advanced people, parties can be an annoying distraction because these second Initiates would rather devote their time to work on a project that can help humanity.

A developed Third Eye

At each level of initiation, one’s perception of truth changes. Ordinary common sense gives way to a higher understanding of truth over time. This is why discernment is essential as one continues to progress along the Path of Spiritual Evolution.

One of the greatest tools for discernment and discrimination at the higher levels of truth is to scientifically develop the Third Eye [a synthesis of the upper chakras].

The Third Eye can penetrate and perceive higher truths by acting as an esoteric telescope to look at and penetrate esoterically the higher truths and purpose of life and existence. The Third Eye totally understands the entire meaning, implications and applications of gathered principles or data instantly.

As an esoteric microscope, it is able to see and pierce into the minute data of life and substance. Thus, esoterically-trained Third Eye seers instantly understand and can interpret and describe even the most unknown, never-before-experienced data.

By understanding how to discern the highest levels of truth possible [see box to learn how to do to it], you reduce the risks of making decisions that can slow your spiritual growth.

You will be able to better determine, which of the many options that present themselves each day support you on your path of evolution.

In this process, making different choices priorities occur. One of this is the drive to serve, which is natural and brings a joy that cannot be found in ordinary living.

Portions of this article are excerpted from Master Del Pe’s forthcoming book, The Third Eye: A Universal Secret Revealed.

How to make choices from a higher awareness

Improved perception and discernment are possible before the Third Eye is developed. Honing the Virtue of Objectivity and Practicality is essential to choosing right actions, behaviours and beliefs that will support you along the spiritual path. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Use your gut instincts if a situation is urgent. But validate them with your best reasoning.
  2. Feel situations with your emotional instincts to validate the rightness of the data, information or situation. When hiring between several equally qualified assistants, for example, your final choice will probably be the person with whom you have the best chemistry.
  3. Discern with your heart, emotional intelligence or inner conscience to create win-win situations for everyone involved. Role-playing where you see an issue from the other person’s perspective is a good way to choose actions that enable you and the other person to come out ahead.
  4. Use the common sense reasoning of your concrete mind to analyse the situation and options. Common sense is continually upgraded as you advance in your education, travel internationally and advance along the Path of Evolution. It is not a fixed constant.
  5. Use principles and philosophies especially in uncharted situations where you cannot rely on a roadmap made up of personal experiences. Instead, probe with your abstract mind with the questions ‘why’ or ‘what for’.
  6. Employ the faculty of intuition if you have partially developed sufficient intuitive awareness to perceive an idea or situation and sense if it is coherent with bigger universal ideals. Evaluate ideas or situations to determine if there is a sense of integration with greater truth.
  7. Test the universality of an idea or information by asking how inclusive and encompassing it is. Does it foster separativeness? Or does it improve synthesis or coherence with a greater truth?
  8. Consult experts on the subject. Then get a second or even third opinion.
  9. Synthesise the information and ideas you have gathered and discerned according to your highest ability. Then look for the option with the greatest win-win potential for the greatest number of people involved.

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Del Pe
Modern Sage and Life Mentor, Master Del Pe is a world expert in meditation, yoga, martial arts and energy healing science. His teachings help people 'master life ahead of its time' with practical tools and techniques to live healthier, be happier and grow faster spiritually. He has authored eight books and created several CDs and DVDs for wellness and self-mastery.


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