Sweet cure for ooh, aah, ouch

Home care for injuries such as bruises, sprains, cramps, strains etc., made easy

Back acheWe are all prone to injuries. Reason enough why we need to be prepared to meet them head-on and get over them as quickly as possible.

Homoeopathic pills have much to offer everyone in the treatment of injuries, not just by way of remedial aspects, but also in rehabilitation programmes.

A basic understanding of a given injury is a prerequisite for proper homoeopathic treatment:

  • The type of injury
  • Modalities – worse or better by movement, pressure, warmth and/or cold applications etc.,
  • Concomitant or accompanying symptoms, if any.

Homoeopathy works best when a suitable treatment plan and dosage is devised by the therapist.

Homoeopathic first-aid for injuries

The following are some of the homoeopathic medicines commonly used in the treatment of bruises, sprains, cramps, strains, dislocations and so on.

  1. Arnica. Injuries of soft parts and muscles, such as accompanying bruises and dislocations. Concussion. Long-standing complaints of injuries. May be used in practically all types of injuries, and as a general first-aid for trauma.
  2. Bellis. Sprains, and contusions. Is curative in complaints caused by drinking cold water/chilled drinks when the body is heated up.
  3. Calendula. In lacerated wounds.
  4. Hypericum. Injuries of nerves and parts rich in nerves, such as ends of fingers and toes. Open wounds that are exceedingly painful. Nail injuries, mashing of fingers or toes, by a cricket ball, for example. May also be used externally.
  5. Ledum. Traumatic injuries of knee joints. Affected part, most sensitive to touch. Aching and tearing pains. A great anti-tetanus remedy. Better, cold; worse, by warmth.
  6. Magnesia phosphorica. Cramps of single, or groups of muscles. Mostly upper limbs. Another useful remedy is Cuprum metallicum, when cramps affect the muscles of the lower limbs.
  7. Rhus toxicodendoron. Injuries to ligaments. Complaints caused by overstretching. Sprains of single, or groups of muscles. Backache [another useful remedy is Antimonium tartaricum]. All complaints worse by rest; better, by continued movement.
  8. Ruta graveolens. One of the best remedies, both locally and internally, in sprains of ankles, and wrists. Inflammed ganglia; strains of tendons. Tennis elbow. Old sprains and bruised pain in bones, joints and cartilages. All symptoms aggravated by dampness, or change of weather.
  9. Symphytum. Injuries to bones. Promotes the healing processes in fractures, when used in conjunction with conventional after-fracture care.
  10. Silicea. Tendency to sprains and also tennis elbow.
Dr Shobha N is a Mumbai-based homoeopath.


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