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The theta healing technique helps clear blocks embedded deep inside us

illustration of man with chakrasTheta healing, a therapy founded by Vianna Stibal, involves techniques to see within the human body and correspondingly change the deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA] composition of the brain.

It identifies beliefs that are blocking the pathway to wellness and enables your body to function with a positive attitude. With this holistic healing, you can revive your senses and transform yourself into a new human being.

Our brain has four main wave frequencies—alpha, beta, theta and delta. While the alpha waves are responsible for activeness and alertness, beta waves correspond to meditation and relaxation. The theta waves represent a very deep state of relaxation and the delta waves operate in deep sleep.

Out of these four brain waves, theta waves are most significant as they bridge the gap between the conscious and the unconscious mind. The theta state can be achieved by delving into a state of deep meditation and relaxation, by slowing all body and brain activity almost to the point of sleep. Initially, it might take time, but with practice, this state can be attained in a few minutes.

The theta waves function at a subconscious level and it is only when we are in this state of mind can we re-programme our belief system for our own benefit.

Since the theta therapy believes in submitting to a higher power, it is more effective in the case of those who believe in the presence of a higher power. In a regular theta healing session, it is vital that both the practitioner and the patient first attain a theta state of mind.

The practitioner uses muscle testing to trace all the blocks accumulated in the patient’s unconscious mind. It is actually possible to see the results of how your body shifts before and after the session.

Once an old belief is pulled and replaced with a new empowering belief, the muscle test will change and, in most cases, the subject feels much better immediately.

Both [practitioner and patient] invite the creator [higher power] to take over and cure the patient of whatever concern s/he wants to get rid of. They then strongly believe that the healing is taking place and actually visualise and witness it happening.

Some of the results you can expect with theta healing are mentioned below:

  • Spiritual growth—as now you can directly connect with your higher self.
  • Positive outlook regarding all things in life, as your mind gets cleared of all negative thoughts and beliefs.
  • Discovery of the real you—you may become aware of the talents and gifts hidden deep inside you which may help you live the life of your dreams.
  • Healthy and vitality—Many report feeling healthy and energetic always as they find relief from the health complications.
  • Increased self love—When the blocks are gone, you might find it easier to love yourself more.You can easily learn the rules of theta healing, but it takes careful practice to master the skill.

With inputs from Rachna Mehra, a connoisseur of Theta healing and a transformational specialist.

How it works

By Sumant Kant Kaul

1. What is theta healing?

Theta healing is a sleep cycle healing modality where the healer lowers his brain frequency to generate healing energy and focuses into the space of the receiver. This technique helps to heal physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

Normally, people know that they must have control over thoughts to achieve success. This technique helps them how to achieve this. It is based on the age-old concept that we are all physically connected to one energy source—call it God or higher energy or quantum entanglement.

2.What is its core philosophy?

The core philosophy is based on the power of unconditional love. The thought of unconditional love in a theta brain state is the highest and most powerful energy state.

Thus, in theta healing, we heal the person’s emotions and then let these emotions heal the body as we believe that negative emotions are the root cause of all diseases.

3. What are its benefits?

The benefits of theta healing can be achieved with meditation because it is a powerful form of meditation. It can be used for manifesting abundance, good luck, clearing energy at home, office and changing your negative karma.

It can help you slow down ageing, increase creativity, secrete growth hormone from pituitary gland and reduce physical and emotional stress.

4. What can it be used to cure?

Theta healing can be used to heal all diseases. Theta healing is not against medicinal science but actually integrates all sciences.

5. Who can benefit from theta healing?

Anybody and everybody can benefit it. Apart from healing, it is also a counselling, mind training and motivating technique. We believe that a person is nothing but his/her mind.

Latest research in science proves that body is also inclusive of mind. And we believe that if the mind is healed, everything is healed.

6. Is it a recognised alternative therapy? What recognition has it received?

Theta healing is recognised worldwide and is licensed in USA.

7. Can you share an instance where you have miraculous story related to theta healing?

Through theta healing I helped a person who could not hear from his right ear, to hear again. He called me the same day to tell me that his hearing got restored. Initially, I was surprised, but I believe in the power of God and that anything is possible.

Sumant Kant Kaul is the founder of India International Healing Institute and is responsible for bringing the concept of theta healing to India.


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