Reiki in Daily Life

A simple form of natural healing, Reiki can be handy in any situation - directly and indirectly

ReikiI was introduced to Reiki about seven years ago, at a time when I was struggling to recover from a post-operative condition. Initially, the body refused to accept the steel prosthesis implanted in place of the broken femur of my left hip. I was in perpetual pain and looked for an effective alternative remedy to manage my painful condition without drugs. The amazing therapy of Reiki not only was handy to me but also, gradually, led me to discover new ways of its application in my everyday living as well.

Rei-ki [pronounced ray-key] is a Japanese word which means universal life force energy; Rei signifies the Universal or the spiritual, and ki, life force energy, which is also known as ch’i in Chinese, or prana in Sanskrit. The practice was rediscovered, and re-invented, by Mikao Usui [1865-1926].

Reiki can also be defined “as an art of tapping into unlimited supply of life force energy from the Cosmos and dispensing it through our hands – or, without them – to provide necessary healing to ourselves or others.”

First steps

It is necessary for one to acquire healing ability before Reiki treatment can be dispensed. This can be attained through a process of attunement in which the energy centres known as chakras are realigned and reactivated by a Reiki master. Once you are attuned, the healing energy starts flowing through your hands just by intent. You can instantly connect to Reiki and give treatment to yourself, or to the client, by placing your hands on the body at various points, with the clothes on. Reiki treatment gives a warm feeling to some people and cold or even a tingling feel to others. The overall effect, however, is soothing and relaxing.

“Remote” healing

What sets Reiki apart from other natural healing therapies is its capability to convey distant healing. What is interesting is that the benefits of Reiki are not confined to people in direct contact with the therapist; it can also be projected to provide healing to those in distant places. Reiki forms a bridge between the sender and the receiver. The receiver may be a person, animal, plant, object, place, event, situation, or a happening.

Reiki synthesis

Reiki complements and blends well with all healing modalities and has gained recognition in medical settings. According to Time, NHS [National Health Services] endorses Reiki and has appointed a Reiki healer in the Middlesex Hospital, London, to treat young leukaemia patients suffering from the side-effects of chemotherapy. Reiki is now also being used as a complementary therapy for the treatment of common, acute and chronic ailments, in some hospitals in the US, and many other countries. It’s not surprising that doctors and nurses are now getting trained in Reiki.

Vet cures

Animals, especially dogs, cats, horses and birds seem to like Reiki. They also allow us to “dispense” Reiki to them easily.

Plant therapy

You can administer Reiki healing by placing your hands on the outer sides of the pot, treating the roots, the main body and/or by projecting Reiki to plants from a distance.

Thanks to its versatility, simplicity, effectiveness and ease of use, Reiki can be handy in many walks of life. It is capable of addressing a host of situations involving animate and inanimate objects having blockages due to imbalances of energy. As you focus and direct Reiki to an object, place, event, or a situation, or happening, you will be able to clear blockages by balancing the flow of energy.

You’d sure try doing Reiki for fun, pleasure and confidence-building in the following situations:

  • Purifying water/liquids
  • Enriching food
  • Improving relationships with spouse/boss/colleagues
  • Starting your car, or computer
  • Cleansing and charging rooms in your house/office by using Reiki symbols in the corners of the room/cabin/work area
  • Augmenting the effect of medicinal capsules/tablets
  • Self-protection from negative energies in crowded locations – e.g., train compartments and cinema halls
  • Sealing the house from negative energies/ burglary
  • Advanced programming through distant Reiki for success during interviews, or presentations
  • Quit bad habits – e.g., smoking, or over-eating
  • Healing your past events
  • Stimulating your creative ability.

The list is endless.

Hand Art

Reiki is based on energy flow. It is administered by “laying on of hands.” The healing art has been practiced for thousands of years, safely. Also, since Reiki is guided by Divine Awareness, it can do no damage. The best part of Reiki is – it knows what a person needs and so can adjust accordingly to each individual’s needs in order to create an outcome that is appropriate. The purpose of Reiki treatment is to heal emotional, spiritual, and physical pain through the transmission of Universal Life Energy. For those who practice the technique, or undergo Reiki treatment, the method feels like being “enveloped in prayer.”

What can Reiki do to help us deal with situations and conditions in daily life? Here goes –


  • Emotional balance
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Provides you energy and focus
  • Peace of mind


  • First aid
  • Relieves headaches
  • Decreases pain
  • Eases illness and enhances cure


  • Past
  • Present
  • Future
  • Aura
V N Mittal
V N Mittal is a certified ReikiMaster Teacher and a freelance writer. He lives in Dehra Dun.


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