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Beat moody blues with Omega-3

Essential fatty acids could be your best bet to beat depression

Sweet cure for ooh, aah, ouch

Home care for injuries such as bruises, sprains, cramps, strains etc., made easy
Lovers merging with the universe | Concept of spirituality and sexuality

Spirituality and sexuality: two sides of the same coin

Spirituality and sexuality encompass two facets of our inner spirit—the life force within us

Home is where the Heart[h] is

A couple's relationship is similar to a tender and fragile sapling. It needs to be watered attentively everyday - to get strong and develop deep roots for the happiness of the family

Unwind, gently

In our fast-paced life, it is important to pause, stretch, observe, play, and also unwind - to live the life we want

Wear Your Attitude

Dressing with confidence is more than wearing the latest fashion. It's about looking poised, and self-assured in all situations
Understanding stem cells

Understanding stem cells

There is more to stem cells than what meets the eye

Live a Lighter Life

No matter where we are on our spiritual path we can all live better with more light

Enrich your love relationship

A truly enriching relationship is one that gives us a sense of freedom to be who we are. It also holds us together in a bond of enduring love

Be For, Not Against

We spend most of our time and energies fighting what we are against. It's only when we change our stance in favour of what we are for, can we transform ourselves