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woman in Virasana or Hero yoga pose outdoors

Yoga: A Fine Balance

Why yoga is not just about the body but can help you transform your entire life and achieve success in every area

Herbal "fix" for your sneeze

Trust nature to help you beat the watery blues of common cold and prevent its irksome recurrence

Eye Gear

It's never too late to learn the delicate shades of eye make-up for maximum appeal

Protect yourself against HIV and AIDS

World AIDS Day [December 1] provides us the opportunity to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS

The Chemistry of Love

Why love is a many-splendoured thing, a miracle and blessing

Harmony Rules

Why a proactive attitude works best to resolve conflicts before they reach the snapping point

Fit @ 40

Keeping yourself in shape after 40 holds the key to vitality and longevity

Touching heals

The instinct to touch and communicate warmth, compassion or empathy is the most humane of characteristics

Stress Unplugged

Discover the pulsating charms of Mahabalipuram to rejuvenate your spirit

Free the Shy String in Your Child

There is a wealth of potential trapped within the heart and mind of every "withdrawn" child. It is important for parents to understand them and help awaken their self-esteem