Make Haste… Slowly

Passion is what that turns you and your partner on at every step of the act

Couple kissingIt is passion for each other that keeps your relationship with your partner afloat. It sure requires commitment and one’s time to do so – but, the rewards can arouse every physical fizz, or beat, in your heart to reach newer heights.

The self

Have a bath, anoint yourself with perfume, wear the sexiest of clothes, and ready yourself for the occasion. Make it special, each time. This is no child’s play or something to be played down. It actually helps to bind and cement your passion curve. Better still – it is also a mode that goes a long way to weave the fabric of your lasting sex appeal for each other.


When you are close to each other and take pleasure in each other’s relaxed presence, talk softly. Also, be careful not to bring up issues of discord for discussion. Take turns to gently massage each other, working on areas of stressed discomfort such as the neck and shoulders.

Turn the massage slowly into a tender caress as both of you feel the tensions ebbing away, giving way to a passionate rediscovery – something you always wanted to come your way, naturally. This will turn you and your partner on, and you’ll be able to arrive at your best physical high with stunning effect.

Feel for each other

Plan to spend weekends with each other away from the mad rush, at least once a month. Go to a getaway – to get a real good feel of each other. If you have children, arrange to leave them with your parents. Or, you can request friends with kids of the same age to have your children over, offering to return the favour. This could work out as a very useful arrangement, with children enjoying themselves while you get to spend time with each other, re-reach each other’s most innate desires, tickle, titillate, and climb new physical heights. If it’s not possible to get a weekend away, arrange to have a few hours with each other – at regular intervals – without the pressures of outside demands.

Create the spring of desire

Now that you have arranged the time for yourself, it is imperative that you do not waste it. Make the most of your precious moments. Draw the curtains, light the candle, arrange the flowers and have soft, soulful music play in the background. Let the senses be aroused by the atmosphere that you create, helping you to re-explore your deepest internal urges and needs.

There is, after all, no better way to revive your feelings for each other than spending slow, languorous moments in each other’s company. Perfect synchrony makes it perfect. It adds a new sparkle to your life. It also helps you return to your daily tasks with more spring in your step, happiness in your heart, and excitement in your pulse.

Abha Iyengar
 Abha Iyengar is an internationally published author, poet, editor and British Council certified creative writing facilitator. Her story, The High Stool, was nominated for the Story South Million Writers Award. She won the Lavanya Sankaran fellowship in 2009-2010. She was a finalist in the FlashMob 2013 Flash Fiction contest. Her published works are Yearnings, Shrayan, Flash Bites, Many Fish to Fry and The Gourd Seller and Other Stories.


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