Live a Lighter Life

No matter where we are on our spiritual path we can all live better with more light

YogaEnlightenment means just one thing – more light! Or, lightening up!!

Isn’t this what we’re all aiming for in our spiritual journey, and enlightenment?

I’m a yoga and meditation instructor who has been on a spiritual journey for many years now. Over the years I have attended many seminars and learnt several wonderful things.

I share with you some ideas that can speed up your path to enlightenment and enhance the daily quality of your life.


Meditation is central to any spiritual journey. It is a process that will allow you to unfold the mystery of yourself, and ultimately connect you to everything. A wonderful side-affect of meditative practice is it clears your emotional, mental and physical debris from not only your physical body, but also the more subtle layers that make us who we are. Reason enough why the medical world now recommends meditation to improve your health. This is not all. It also connects you to the infinite possibilities that can manifest once you take the time to be with the silence within.

To do: find a space where you can sit in silence, undisturbed and close your eyes. Try to sit as straight as possible; being cross-legged is not a requisite.

Start by focusing on your breath, and then begin repeating a mantra silently to yourself. “So Hum” is a good mantra to start with. You will have lots of thoughts, but don’t fight them… the whole process should be easy. Just keep taking your attention gently back to the mantra.

A mantra is like a much-walked path, and it will help you access deeper and quieter places within you. Don’t expect any amazing results whilst sitting; the results will be seen in your everyday life.

When you start, 20 minutes is a good length of time.


It’s very powerful to write stuff down. It clears the top layers and helps you reach real creativity that is often hidden underneath. Attaching no judgment to your writing is vital. Some days you’ll be amazed by your creativity; sometimes, it may seem as though you’ve nothing to say. But, don’t be put off; write anyway. I often use this as a chance to ask questions about what I should be doing in my life. I believe it to be one of the ways to contact my higher self which has my best interests at heart.

Glow with the Flow

A time when you have an excellent opportunity to really lighten up is when something or someone “instigates” you and you find yourself reacting, or becoming angry. This can have physical connotations as well as mental, especially if you allow the trigger to take over.

Check yourself as you get agitated and make the choice to walk away rather than react. Leave the situation, get a pen and paper and start writing: this is your opportunity to get your toxicity out instead of dumping it all over someone which will only cause you more chaos.

Don’t hold back on what you write because the anger is not necessarily directed at the person you’re angry with; it’s just anger.

So write down anything you think or feel. This is not to be read; it is a form of flushing out your toxins and getting out of your darkness. The person who angered you has nothing to do with this rage. It helps to see them [if you can!] as angels on the planet assisting you in reviewing your toxicity – in order to eradicate it.

When you’ve finished writing, don’t read it. This isn’t journalling. “Bin” it, or burn it. This is about you getting lighter. If you decide to stay in the triggered situation instead, you are not using a wonderful opportunity to lighten up. In the beginning you may find this hard to do, but you will notice, if you do, how the frequency of your becoming angry diminishes. When we live in a state of reaction, there can be no peace. You may have already observed that when we are feeling angry with someone or something, there is often a heaviness that comes along with it.


Okay, so you’ve got some of your toxicity out, what now? Well, you need to take some nutrition. Nutrition does not only come in the form of food, it also comes in the form of thoughts. So, feed yourself some healthy nutrition. Love and gratitude are wonderful forms of spiritual nutrition. To begin with, thank yourself for 10 things aloud. For example: “Thank you, Joanna, for my skin”. Or, “Thank you, Joanna, for my new jeans.” In the beginning you may find it a difficult thing to do. However, you will find that if you do these simple practices you will start to feel lighter and happier.

Nature, the best teacher

A quick way to lighten up is to spend some time with nature appreciating the beauty that is all around us. A simple walk in the park could suffice. However, a stroll by the ocean, or in the mountains, or woods, is even better. Nature contains wonderful energy; it can infuse us with new light.

Listen to music

Choosing to listen to soft, soulful music will also have the good effect of bringing more light into your system. This is captured brilliantly in Masaru Emoto’s book, The Hidden Messages in Water. Take some time off everyday to listen to harmonious melodies.


Once we’ve lightened up, and written our dislikes, it’s time to note down out what we do want to see manifesting in our lives. Write a wish, or want, list. This can be done at many levels: but, physical, spiritual, and material are a good start. Your journalling will help you work on this. When you have a list of things you want to see manifesting in your life, take the time to read them just before you meditate, or before you go to sleep at night. Thereafter, let it go and allow the universe to work out the details. It’s quite right if you wish to update and change the list at any time. Try to have fun with it and be creative.

The most important thing: is you need to enjoy experimenting with these tools and find yourself living a lighter and more fulfilling life.

Joanna Dove
Joanna Dove is a Reiki master, meditation instructor, and Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga instructor, at the Deepak Chopra's Center for Well-Being, New York,USA.


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