Language of Silence

Hypnosis is a tremendous source of energy. It refreshes your body, silences your mind, and also cleanses your heart

MeditationHypnosis has been condemned by all kinds of ignorant people. They don’t understand anything about it, but you will find people everywhere condemning it. The word is used without knowing even the meaning of it.

Hypnosis is a tremendously beautiful art, and there is nothing wrong in it. But, everything can be used in a wrong way, or in a right way. You can have a sword and cut somebody’s head. That is not the fault of the sword; the sword is neutral. With your sword you can prevent somebody from raping a woman. But, the sword is absolutely neutral, neither good nor bad; every energy is neutral.

Hypnosis is a tremendous source of energy. The word itself means deliberate sleep. You know ordinary sleep; because it is ordinary sleep, it does not go deep enough. Its function is to help your body to recover its energy lost in the day-to-day work, so tomorrow morning you can get up fresh, again able to work. The ordinary sleep only goes so deep that it can help your body to recover, rejuvenate.

Deliberate sleep

Deliberate sleep is the meaning of hypnosis. It is a simple thing, but it goes as deep as you are ready to go. It refreshes your body, it silences your mind, it cleanses your heart, it can reach to your very being. It all depends on your willingness – nobody can hypnotise you against your will. That also is a greatly fallacious idea prevalent in the world, that somebody can hypnotise you against your will. That is impossible. Nobody can hypnotise you against your will.

Simple methods are used by the hypnotist. He will tell you to relax and concentrate on something shiny, without moving your eyelids; just keep your eyes open as long as you can, and only when it is almost impossible for you, when the eyelids close by themselves, you are relaxed.

The hypnotist is repeating, “Your eyelids are becoming very heavy. the light is too strong. and, you are going to fall asleep soon.” And, he will go on repeating it. It takes not more than three to five minutes before you will start feeling your eyelids have become heavier. and heavier. and heavier. And, a moment comes when you cannot keep them open, they simply close. Then the hypnotist starts telling you, “You are going deeper. deeper. And, you will hear only my voice and nothing else.”

Your total willingness is needed. If you are reluctant, if you don’t want it, then the hypnotist is absolutely helpless. It is not a power of the hypnotist as it is understood in the world, it is the willingness of the hypnotised person that brings that deep kind of deliberate sleep.

When the mind is silent

If you follow, co-operate with the hypnotist, he can take you deeper, deeper, deeper. the mind has become silent. And, the moment he says anything, it simply sinks into your being. Your heart is dancing with harmony – no tension, no thought. You have entered into the innermost shrine of your being; now relax there.

But, this is possible only, and I am saying categorically only, if you are willing to go into it. But, it is tremendously helpful, because you find it very difficult on your own to go into that deep silence where the world is left far behind. And, if the hypnosis is going to be used for meditative purposes.

It can be used for many kinds of purposes; it can be used for healing. 70 per cent of your diseases are just mind diseases, they are not really there. You simply believe they are there, and because you believe, they are there. It is because of this there are so many “pathies:” allopathy , homoeopathy, naturopathy, ayurveda, unani.

If somebody is not willing, the hypnotist has to create the willingness. Hypnotism is not some power in the hands of the hypnotist. That idea I want to criticise absolutely, without any conditions attached to it. It is thought all over the world that it is a power in the hands of the hypnotist. It is not; it is your power.

The hypnotist is only a help to awaken you to your own power, and then it can be used for many things: for healing, for making you live longer, for changing your harmful habits such as smoking, drinking. It can do tremendous work.

Hypnosis can be used as an educative methodology. You can learn in hypnosis better than you can learn ordinarily, because everything is silent and you are hearing only one voice. Even if somebody else comes and talks, you will not hear, you are open only to a small narrow way to the hypnotist. He can teach you any new language. He can teach you any new science. He can teach you arithmetic, anything within minutes for which people take hours and days to learn.

And, it can be used for meditation too. As far as I am concerned hypnosis is simply a relaxed, deliberate sleep with a small opening, a little window, to the person who hypnotised you. He can tell you that your meditation will go deeper every day, and if this thought gets in your unconscious, your meditation will start going deeper. Just a few sessions and he can give you the last post-hypnotic suggestion: now you don’t need any hypnosis; your meditation will go deeper on its own accord.

Meditate Better with Hypnosis

Hypnosis has not been used in the whole of history for meditation, but it can be used, and it can be used with tremendous power, because you have to fight so much with your thoughts unnecessarily. That whole struggle with your mind can be dropped by hypnotic sessions without much effort.

Hypnosis is also capable of giving you a post-hypnotic suggestion, if you want to hypnotise yourself, by a simple strategy: count from one to 100, and from 100 back to one. By the time you have reached back to one, you will fall into deep hypnosis. And, you can tell yourself before going into hypnosis: “The state of hypnosis will last only for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I will come out of it.” This is auto-hypnosis.

Hetero-hypnosis means somebody is helping you. In the beginning it is good to take help. But, you have to be very willing, in a very loveful atmosphere.

Then the hypnotist can tell you about meditation: whenever you sit to meditate, take a bath, make a special room for your meditation.

Don’t do anything in that room so that it remains vibrating with your meditativeness. Burn incense, bring roses and flowers, sit silently. Close your eyes, watch your thoughts and you will immediately go into deep silence; thoughts will disappear. This can happen without hypnosis, but it takes a longer time. Hypnosis is a short-cut.

Hypnosis and meditation can come together very easily. Just an innocent heart is needed for meditation. And, hypnosis can cleanse your heart and can bring you into the state of a small child.

Osho was never born never died. He only visited this planet earth between 11 December 1931 and 19 January 1990. He was a charismatic and gifted speaker who became the leader of a worldwide new spiritual movement.


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