God by any Name

The importance of namasmaran is endless

NamasmaranNam or name is a figure of speech. Namasmaran is repeated chanting of a word or a name. Nam is name of God; smaran means to remember, or chant the name of God.

Nama-jap or namasmaran helps to restrain the mind and is therapeutic.

Nama-jap or namasmaran also helps us to maintain and improve our mental as well as physical state. You can take nam anywhere, anytime, and in any situation.

Nam and God are not different. Namasmaran is not restricted to religion or rituals or a particular name. You can chant any name you want, it produces the same results. It helps achieve peace of mind. It can also cure us of chronic fatigue. Nam is a symbol for carrying spiritual energy; hence, the process of namasmaran is the progression of constant identification with the Divine.

Manage bad thoughts

You can control bad thoughts by the potent power of thoughts. Namasmaran helps us in comprehension, improved observation, writing, and also to maintain clear/pure thoughts. It helps improve will-power, ability, skill, practical knowledge and intelligence.

Time and place are not a constraint for doing namasmaran. If you have a busy schedule, you can do it while travelling, during work, while taking bath, or even while eating. Even when you are working, you can repeat the name of God and attain self-realisation through constant namasmaran and continuous meditation.

In the early stage of namasmaran, you may tend to get disturbed by stray thoughts and/or may not be able to concentrate. But, with practice, you can overcome that as well. Try to focus on the sound. Gradually, you will experience peace of mind.

Spiritual practice

  • Our sub-conscious mind is very sensitive to our thoughts [in conscious mind] – the mould or matrix through which infinite intelligence, wisdom, vital forces and energies of your sub-conscious power flow. By namasmaran or meditation, or chanting the Divine Name of God, your mind is occupied with Divine thoughts. This provides stability, courage and peace of mind. It’s like the way darkness disappears once you switch on the lights. You stop worrying and start experiencing happiness in life.
  • Our sub-conscious mind has tremendous power. But, your ego can act like a firewall between the conscious mind and sub-conscious mind. This makes difficult for the conscious mind to communicate with the sub-conscious mind.
  • As you intensely do namasmaran or meditation, or chanting, your conscious mind is able to communicate with the sub-conscious mind. Your wishes, or prayers, can, thereafter, reach the sub-conscious mind. Communication is the key for healthy relationships to achieve happiness.

On the same lines, when the conscious and the sub-conscious mind are in harmony with each other, you can attain peace and prosperity. A life full of peace, accord, and infinite energy, not to speak of bliss.

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