Fizz up your love life

Your innate drive for love depends on how you want it to be - a lover who brings steamy sensuality into the lovemaking process and vice versa

CoupleIt is, of course, an accepted fact that sensuality holds the key for a richer sexual expression. It is also a fundamental part of good sex.

Sexuality is not the only criterion for sensual expression.

Sensuality is much broader and deeper – it begins with awareness, including the exploration and experiencing of all our senses. It is an art – it is a mode of fully experiencing life through awareness, presence, and the exploration of your senses. It encompasses the little things of life, which we often take for granted.

You sometimes don’t have the time for it, but it seems to come suddenly into your being, and you feel that you are transformed! So, what was till now a routine part of your love life, becomes beautiful – a long-cherished sensual journey!

This, of course, happens only when you seek, or re-discover, the component – not otherwise.

You need to make a conscious endeavour – because, a sensual approach begins with showing up, noticing, and hopefully enjoying what your love life is presenting you. You need to become a part of all the five senses, all of us are endowed with, and delve deep into your inner channels – to promote your relationship to being natural, and sensual:

  • Vision: You need to see, and perceive
  • Hearing: You need to listen to your inner feelings
  • Taste: You need to develop a feel for things
  • Smell: You need to smell and take pleasure in the delight the sense of smell itself brings to your life
  • Touch: You need to reach out, tap, and create an atmosphere of “being in the zone” with yourself and your partner.

In other words, you need to be focused and develop a keen state of mind. Look at the positives – because, getting into the root of a sensual experience is easy! It is like eating chocolate or enjoying a splendid meal, meditating, or practicing pranayama.

It is also like walking through a park, being close to nature, smelling the grass, eating your favourite dish, looking at your partner in the eye, or pursuing a hobby. Imagine the inexplicable delight they all bring to you – so naturally, without any prompt.

You could do all this to your sensuality too, and bring in freshness – something better than ever before into your sex life!

You need to, in so doing, also remember that sensuality goes beyond your five senses – and, it is not just made up of awareness and intuition. It sure also has something that goes beyond feelings alone. The best way you can make sensuality work for you is by allowing it to expand your passion and bringing more joy into everyday living – even in the face of challenges in your life and career.

Isn’t sensuality a great way to get into the very intensity of being and wellbeing in a relationship – a passionate journey of life that can make you a more mature, loving partner?

In other words, a person who recognises the significance of enhancing the art of loving and being loved – practically everyday.

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