Meditation: feel the quiet from within

We often talk of there being doorways and crossroads in our lives. Well, learning meditation has to be your Golden Doorway

MeditatingOnce you commit and step through this doorway your life will never be the same. It will be richer and more vibrant on all levels. This means not just on a spiritual level, but also on the physical and material level.

Welcome aboard!

Meditation is a tool that takes us to greater levels of health, abundance and creativity. Most of our lives we’ve looked outside of ourselves to find the key to our happiness. But, here is an ancient technique that shows you that everything you ever needed to know is within you, including the ability to create the life you have always dreamed of.

A spiritual voyage

Meditation was originally known as a spiritual journey. Now, however, it is also recognised as being a great stress reducer and health aid. Doctors today frequently prescribe meditation to patients. Scientific tests have shown that if you meditate your blood pressure will reduce, your immune system strengthens, your heart rate will regulate and your stress hormones will shrink. Basically, meditation has the ability to bring the whole body back into balance.

More than ever we need tools that enable us to cope with the fast pace of life, or help us to keep up with the electronic revolution without becoming burnt out.

I talked about meditation in brief in the first issue of CW [November 2006]. Now, I want to inspire you to commit to the path even if it’s just for a while so that you can experience the benefits first hand. Once you see the profound effects it can have on your life I’m hoping you will find it hard to give up!

Everything in this life costs something. But, the beauty of meditation is that all it will cost you is some of your time. I can already hear the plaintive – but, I don’t have time! However, if you make it… the results will speak for themselves.

If you include meditation in your daily rituals you will add a totally new concept to your perception of time. Yes, we do have busy lives; yes, we do have lots to do. But, much of the stress and drama that we attach to our busy schedules is unnecessary. If you meditate, you ease the stress and anxiety of believing you we will never have the time. You become able to trust that you will always have the time to do what you need. Most times we’re stressed [in-flight, or fight-mode] it is completely useless. It will not get what you need doing any quicker. In fact, it will probably impair your ability to perform at a high level. I’m talking about anything from housework to a high-powered job.

Take time to get time

Once you get past the concept of making time, you can really enjoy the creative process of meditation. You’re going to have the opportunity to become able to manifest more of the life you envision for yourself.

There are many types of meditation and they all have their different aspects and benefits. But, the path is ultimately the same. Here I’m talking about a meditation where we use a mantra. A mantra is a sound that we use to go beyond the mind to the realm of unbounded consciousness. The mantra I am suggesting you use is a beautiful breathing mantra: “So Hum.” So means “I am” and Hum means “that.” The complete meaning of this mantra is I am all of that; meaning, I am one with Creation. This is a very complete mantra. But, whilst you are repeating it do not think about its meaning. Just focus on the breath and the sound. As soon as you start thinking you will be drawn back to the level of the mind.

Many mantras are ancient, and because yogis have used them for centuries, they become, like a well-trodden path, the roadmap in your journey to the stillness within. It is when we are able to dive into this part of ourselves that we become able to manifest the magic of creativity and health in our lives.

Breathe lightly

On the in-breath, think “So,” on the out-breath, “Hum.” The whole process is very easy and relaxed. There is no need to force or concentrate. In fact, this is one time in your life where the harder you try the worse off you’ll be! So, continue to repeat the mantra. When you become aware that you’re thinking other thoughts just gently bring your focus back to the mantra. As long as you come back to the mantra when you realise you’re in the process of thinking or day-dreaming, you are meditating. Aim to sit for 20 minutes. If you could do it twice a day you would achieve the maximum results. However, doing it once a day is still good. Do something and it will make a difference. If you only have 10 minutes, do it.

The more you meditate the more you will realise that no two meditations are the same. There will be days when meditating seems effortless, but there will be others when you have a lot of thoughts and even resistance. The important thing to remember is that whatever you are experiencing is perfect for you in that moment. Try to adapt an attitude of acceptance.

Also, let go of any expectations.

The truth is that any kind of meditation is good. Just accept whatever comes and don’t judge yourself. If you do, you will immediately be taken back to the mind! When we meditate, we’re using the mantra to go beyond the mind: the realm of unbounded consciousness and infinite possibilities.

The Lightness of Being

There is lightness and beauty to meditation. This will expand as you go along and savour in the practice. As you commit to taking more time to journey the path of knowing yourself you will be rewarded with new levels of awareness. These are sometimes referred to as higher levels of consciousness. Of course, you can read about these, and you may already have done so, but the real understanding comes on a much deeper level when we combine experience with knowledge. And, in truth, understanding at different levels transforms as it is experienced. This is one of the wonders of meditation. As we practice we see how our perception of reality is constantly growing and evolving. A natural blessing that comes with that knowledge and understanding is a deeper experience of compassion both for ourselves and for others.

It is generally accepted these days that you do not have to give up an abundant material life to be a true spiritual seeker. The more we see, the two can go hand-in-hand. I learned to practice and teach meditation under Deepak Chopra and I am continually reminded of the abundance that meditation has brought into my life since meeting the good doc. I’ve have witnessed many of my own dreams coming into reality and continue to be blessed as I evolve on my path. It really was a golden doorway that I crossed when I embraced the meditative practice.

You’d do it too!

Calm Pose

Before you start your first meditation you’re going to create a list of what you want to manifest in your life. This can be on a physical, spiritual and material level. Spend time working on this list and be creative. Know that you can change or update it at any time. Writing your intentions down is very powerful. Prior to your meditation you will review this list. Do not think about it during the meditation, because you will be taking the attention back to the level of the mind. The idea is to think about your wants just before you go into the realm of silence. As it is, it is in this silence that pure potentiality resides.

Find a quiet place where you can sit down with a straight back. Either on a chair, or the floor, wherever you feel most comfortable. You do not have to be an adept yogi in order to meditate. When you are sitting comfortably read your list of desires or just bring them into your mind. Close your eyes. Take a moment to relax your body releasing any tension.

Now, start to focus on your breath, just observe the breath, inhale… exhale. Now introduce your mantra.” So Hum.”

Joanna Dove
Joanna Dove is a Reiki master, meditation instructor, and Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga instructor, at the Deepak Chopra's Center for Well-Being, New York,USA.


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