Become a Buddha

Drop your illusions, shatter your dreams, awaken—become a blessing to yourself and to others

The body has its own ways of accumulating anger. When you feel angry you gnash your teeth, you clench your fists. Why?

Become a buddhaIn fact, in the East these have been devices to help you–temporary helps, but of great value because they can make you aware of many things. When you feel angry, just gnash your teeth, clench your fists and you will be surprised. As you gnash your teeth and clench your fists and fight with the air–shadow boxing–within five minutes the anger is gone. Something has happened, something has been released.

Your repressed anger, sexuality, greed and all kinds of poisons accumulate in the body, in the muscles. By deep massage those poisons can be released. Deep massage of the body can make you aware that your body is carrying many things. Your body drives you into things which you may not have gone into if the body was not driving you there.

Learn to be dead

Buddha says master the body. How? The first thing is to learn relaxation. You lie down on the ground as if you are dead. Let the body slowly, slowly die. Start from the feet. In fact, communicate with your body; say to the feet, “Die, please die.” And then go on upwards. Buddha does not say to go to sleep. He says, “Feel dead. Let the body die for the moment, as if you are just a corpse.” You cannot do anything. An ant starts crawling on you; you can’t do anything.

And it is really a great experience, to feel like a corpse, and the ant crawling on your face or a mosquito biting—but you can’t do anything, you are simply a watcher. It is a rare experience to go through it. Slowly, slowly, you become a master by relaxing your body. The more tense your body is, the more it is a master of you.

When you have learned how to relax the anger of the body, the rage of the body, then start becoming aware of what you say. People go on saying things, not really aware of what they are saying; they simply repeat. Your mind is a great recording mechanism. You have recorded all kinds of things and unless you are really watchful, your mind goes on repeating old patterns and you go on getting into old problems, again and again.

Distance the body and mind

If you can watch the body, the mind and all the functioning, you will become so separate from them that you can master them. You can master something only when you have a distance from it. If you are identified with it you cannot master it. And Buddha says one who is master of his own self is the master of the whole existence; he has entered into a different plane of life. You are slaves, he is a master. You are machines, he is a real man. You function unconsciously, he functions consciously. And to function consciously is to go beyond all sorrow, beyond all misery, beyond all anguish; it is to go into the beyond. Other religions call that beyond god; Buddha calls it simply the beyond. Prepare for the beyond… Become masters of your own beings.

Be compassionate

Passion means a state of biological fever–it is hot. You are almost possessed by biological, unconscious energies. You are no longer your own master, you are just a slave.

Compassion means you have transcended biology, you have transcended physiology. You are no more a slave, you have become a master. Now you function consciously. You are not driven, pulled and pushed by unconscious forces; you can decide what you want to do with your energies. You are totally free. Then the same energy that becomes passion is transformed into compassion.

Passion is lust, compassion is love. Passion is desire, compassion is desirelessness. Passion is greed, compassion is sharing. Passion wants to use the other as a means; compassion respects the other as an end unto himself or herself. Passion keeps you tethered to the earth, to the mud; compassion makes you a lotus. Compassion is a transformation of your energies.

Ordinarily you are scattered, fragmentary. Some energy is being absorbed by your anger, some energy is being absorbed by your greed, some energy is being absorbed by your lust, and so on and so forth. There are so many desires surrounding you that you are left without any energy; you are left hollow, empty. You don’t have any energy left; all your energy keeps on going down the drain.

When all these energies are no longer being wasted, they start filling your inner lake, your inner being. You become full. A great delight arises in you. When you start overflowing, you have become a Buddha and you have come upon an inexhaustible source.

Meditation is the key to transform passion into compassion. You will have to become more conscious. Right now you are unconscious–notwithstanding what you think, you are unconscious.

Stop being a robot

Watch what you do, what you say, what you think and you will be surprised; without taking any alcoholic beverages, without taking any drugs, you are in a mess. Just look at what you have been doing to yourself, to your life. What have you made of yourself? What have you gained? What meaning have you attained? What significance have you experienced? People don’t ask such embarrassing questions because then they feel very depressed. But these questions have to be asked. Unless you ask these questions you are not going to change.

Man goes on living like a robot, functioning well, efficiently. In fact, the more like a robot you are, the better you function, the better the society feels with you–because it is a society of robots. To be awakened, alert, conscious is dangerous. It is a society of blind people; to have eyes is to invite danger.

But without creating consciousness you will never be able to know the beauty, the blessing that existence has bestowed upon you. You will never know the great opportunity that has been given for you to grow, to become. You can be sunlit peaks and you are just dark holes!

If you become alert to at least one thing–that you are not alert–that’s a great beginning. To be aware that “I am ignorant” creates the possibility of seeking, searching in your own interiority for the truth–for your truth. Once your illusions are dropped, your dreams shattered, a great awakening is waiting for you–a great awakening which makes you a Buddha.

When you are a Buddha, only then will you experience what compassion is. It is a sharing of your joy with the whole of existence. You become a blessing to yourself and a blessing to the whole existence.

Excerpted from The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha and Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen

Courtesy: Osho International Foundation:

Osho was never born never died. He only visited this planet earth between 11 December 1931 and 19 January 1990. He was a charismatic and gifted speaker who became the leader of a worldwide new spiritual movement.


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