"The Black Swan" brings spotlight on weight-loss in ballerinas

"Ballerinas are often plagued by perfectionism, social anxiety and pressures to be graceful and agile"-Loyola pyschiatrist, Dr Aparna Sharma

Ballerina in the spotlightEver wonder what a ballerina goes through to maintain that pencil-thin figure? The 2011 Oscar-nominated movie “The Black Swan” depicts the trials and tribulations of a ballet dancer. Natalie Portman who has been nominated for “Best Actress” had to undergo tremendous weight-loss to play a super-thin dancer.

Psychiatrists have raised questions about the mental and social pressures that this profession brings along. Dr Aparna Sharma MD,who specializes in treating eating disorders at Loyola University Health System, believes these girls who train to be ballet dancers should be taught the dangers of excessive weight loss and overexercising to curb the potentially devastating physical and emotional effects of eating disorders.

Read the whole article on the Loyola University, Chicago website.

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