Act with Confidence

Have faith in yourself. It helps you go through your actions and on to successful completion of goals

ConfidentIf belief is the cornerstone of faith, conviction is the icing on the cake of confidence.

However, for belief to work, you must first have faith in yourself and be able to direct any outcome.

To begin with, you need to have a clear understanding of trust, nay faith, in yourself, and your abilities. This will help ensure that your success is chanellised in your ambitions, goals, dreams, career, and also the life you long for, and wish to live, design, and invent, for yourself.

You may just as well ask: what is faith, in the first place. In simple terms, faith is an automatic belief, or a principle, that does not need corroboration or verification. It’s something that you have complete trust in – one that is far more than what constitutes a plain idea.

First steps

You need to “patent” something you can focus your attention on, to begin with. This is called as wanting – or, what is quite often described as desiring, longing and/or yearning.

You may also think of it as inquiring, or requesting, for what it is you want it for.

You should also remember to focus on the needs and be in tune with the feeling of the desire itself, and to find out for yourself how strong that feeling is.

If your feeling is strong, so will be your desire. A committed desire, focused on belief, makes your feelings strong, and motivates you to reach your goals faster. It will also help you convert your dreams into reality – a reality you will be able to achieve with a natural feel. This is, indeed, a feeling that won’t look too regimentalised. However, if you don’t get into the perimeter of such a thought and also action, you will reach nowhere.

It’s, however, possible for all of us to have a strong desire for some things, and less for others. This is easy to comprehend – your desire may be more intense for things you need like money to pay your bills, or buy grocery, or provisions.

There are also many levels of desire. For instance, a desire for good health and wellbeing is one thing. On the other, making your marriage work would be another. This is also one that is far greater than longing to go on a holiday, buying a new car, or a new piece of furniture, or the newest iPod.

You may, in so doing, discover that all of us have more desires for things we genuinely need than for comfort all of us would sure want, or long for.

Interestingly, as you start to “patent” or “zero-in” on things you need, you will realise that the comforts that make life more pleasurable will also emerge.

Choose achievable goals

Choose also achievable goals that you believe in and can manage with comparative acceptance, you’ll find some of your “big” beliefs and resolutions to quickly fall into place. They will sure be no longer as impossible as they were earlier. Better still, you will be able to conquer them.

Another good, handy idea you’d carry to achieve your goals is an “assurance calendar” with apparent targets marked. It’s just not enough if you write them, and don’t look at them on a daily basis. Keep in mind, when you look at your goals, everyday, it will give you a visual support of achievement. Furthermore, it will provide you the platform to move targets as and when needed. This will sure give you the big push, not just to your self-confidence, but also to re-examine your progress.

Talk to a friend. Get involved in a cause, or a sport activity. After all, all of us need to be applauded once in a while. Practice, as and when possible. There’s no greater joy than to achieving something on your own. It is a feeling that only you will be privy to! It will also give you the stability to move forward, and meet your goals and resolutions with success.

When you achieve something, pamper yourself with a gift, or present. Little things, yes, but they will matter a great deal to you — to keep your resolution flag flying high. It will also help you move forward to your next resolution.

You can’t sure achieve rewards, if you don’t move forward. If you want to lose weight, for instance, there are no two ways about it – all you need to do is lose your weight, and keep it that way. Not for the short-term, but for the long-term.

Making dreams come true

It’s rightly said that an intense desire alone can make dreams come true. This intensity also expands when you have faith in your desire. While it is agreed that we are all entitled to have a conviction that certain things are true or real, a strong belief in what you desire when manifest will give you the strength to hold on until it reaches fruition.

It would also help your cause a great deal if you have a deep feeling of knowing, more so by using motivational statements “I know I will be relaxed and energetic,” or “I know I will create financial security.” They sound simple, but they have a profound effect on your psyche.

Belief is everything – that you believe you can do it is belief. It’s a positive feeling. It brings positive connotations.

Likewise, if you say that you don’t believe in something it is also a belief – that you don’t believe in something. The idea is not a negative feeling, but if it is related to what you feel you can achieve but think that you can’t, you will not be able to reach your goals.

It’s only when you believe that everything is possible would you be able to develop a sense of knowing that it is going to happen, and also work. It gives you a sense of expectation – and, when you expect your desire to become a reality, you will have the full conviction to enable your desire to manifest itself into being a happening thing.

Things to Do

For all your images and desires to turn into reality, you need to first know for yourself how strong the nature of desire you manifest is. This is, of course, a question only you can respond to. It is also something that may relate itself to your individual history. Also, if you look at something you made happen in the past, somehow – because, you knew that you’d made it happen with that typical gut feeling – you will sure gain confidence as to why you can sure make it happen again! This is also reason enough why building your own list of desires is not as difficult as it sounds. For a start, though, you may try to –

  • Make a catalogue of all the reasons you have for yearning whatever it is that you wish for
  • Assign yourself into the future and envision how working on your desire will change your life for the better. Also, observe how many other areas of your life will be influenced by this driving thought
  • Seek to add precision to your mission. How sturdy is your aspiration, or whether you really need, or just want? How significant it is to you, your life, or what purpose of your life goals does it provide for? Also, ask yourself whether or not it resolves any of your problems, or, quite simply, makes your life any better
  • Most important – you need to answer your own questions honestly. Else, your desire will remain a mere desire, not a happening thing.

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Rajgopal Nidamboor
Dr Rajgopal Nidamboor, a trained physician, is a writer, commentator, and author. In a career spanning 25 years, Nidamboor has published over 2,000 articles, on a variety of subjects, two coffee table books, an E-book, and a primer on therapeutics, aside from an encyclopaedic treatise on Indian philosophy.


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