7 Ways to Fire Up Your Church for Spiritual Growth

blankAs a church leader, you have a mandate to help your congregants mature in Christ. An important step to attaining this is to set forth under the direction of the Holy Spirit to stir up spiritual growth using proper approaches. Here are seven ways to fire up your church for spiritual growth.

1. Run a series of sermons on the spiritual growth path

Set the right foundation for firing spiritual growth by launching a series of sermons on this topic. Fortunately, there are many exciting ways on how to write a sermon on the spiritual growth path to offer better insights to your congregants. Kick off your sermons from the basics about spirituality and focus on providing practical steps that believers can follow for their spiritual growth.

2. Have the church elders on board

You need to have your church elders actively involved in helping you fire up believers for spiritual growth to make this initiative a success. Share this vision with your leaders and ask them to help you identify opportunities and initiatives to ensure the entire church grows. Most importantly, they will need to be at the forefront of helping you guide believers on their spiritual growth process.

3. Challenge believers to assume responsibility

Spiritual growth does not happen by accident. Instead, it is hinged on how well a believer takes the initiative to embrace these values and practices in their lives. Therefore, you need to constantly challenge your congregants to practice the steps taught in your sermons to the extent of achieving self-awareness.

4. Provide more opportunities to propel spiritual growth

The journey to spiritual maturity calls for a lot of support and a never-ending endeavor to become a better Christian who fully surrenders their life to God.  As such, you need to provide your congregants with more opportunities to help them grow in Christ, which could involve organizing:

  • Bible study sessions
  • Worship and prayer events
  • Short-term mission trips
  • Baptisms
  • Offering serving opportunities within the church
  • Availing Christian books that believers can borrow from the church library

5. Mentor new believers and the young

New believers are often faced with many challenges, which call for mentorship and extra support to help them become strong Christians. Running beginner classes and hosting interactive sessions where these believers share their experiences will go a long way in helping them grow spiritually. You should also mentor young believers, so they always have a million reasons to celebrate being Christians even as they mature over time.

6. Foster a culture of love and humility

Each church has a culture that radiates beyond its doors, and you need to focus on fostering love and humility. By doing this, you will naturally set up your church for prosperity as everyone will be focused on becoming better Christians and helping others in their journeys.

7. Listen to your congregants

A listening ear will help you be in touch with the struggles and progress of your congregants in their spiritual growth paths. This will enable you to pay attention to what matters for most believers at any given moment and encourage them not to give up on their journeys.


It takes the right plan to fire up your church for spiritual growth, and these tips will offer you a pathway to helping your congregation mature spiritually.