6 Ways to Improve the Way You Feel Day-to-Day

thumbs upYou don’t need to make monumental changes to improve the quality of your well-being. In fact, adjusting minor things in everyday habits or actions can prove to positively transform the way you feel about life in general!

These are the six best ways to improve the way you feel day-to-day

Catch up on some z’s!

We all could use more sleep. Did you know that proper sleep is vital to sustaining our overall health? During sleep, our body repairs and heals itself from the previous day’s activities, such as exercise and stress. If we deny our bodies the rest it needs (and deserves!), we put ourselves at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, weaken our immune system, and reduce our cognitive functions.

Always make room for self-care

More often than not, we neglect to spend time on ourselves and committing to daily self-care. While initially sounds selfish and indulging, self-care shouldn’t be attached with a negative connotation. It’s actually imperative to sustaining your psychological and physical well-being! Therefore, set aside a moment in your busy day to solely focus on yourself, regardless if that’s for one hour or five minutes. Time for you is always time well-spent. Examples of self-care actions include making sure you’re eating three meals a day, getting a long overdue haircut, or simply taking a moment to breathe and meditate. In the case of a personal and ongoing circumstance, such as an addiction, seeking a rehab finder is an act of respect and self-love for oneself as well.

Eat healthy in conjunction with exercise

If you’re eating clean and exercising, not only do you feel great, you look great too. Your body needs to be replenished with vitamins and minerals from food in order to optimize at its fullest, prevent fatigue, and keep you energized for longer periods of time. In conjunction to a healthy diet, exercising acts as a natural stress-reliever. The endorphins and dopamine you produce from physical activity reduces your ability to feel pain and the likelihood of developing depression and anxiety. As an adult, it’s recommended that you spend at least thirty minutes exercising – therefore, there’s no excuse for getting to say there isn’t enough time to squeeze it into your schedule!

Maintain a positive attitude

One of the best ways to improve how you feel day-to-day is to maintain a genuinely positive attitude. Your mindset affects the way you act, feel, and think. For example, if you’re dwelling on a negative attitude and are constantly unhappy or critical with everything and everyone around you, fulfillment or motivation are the last things you would feel. On the other end of the spectrum, a positive attitude reduces your ability to experience stress, propels you to accomplish goals, and to always seek better opportunities for yourself.

Practice hygiene and dress your best

On some days, it may seem that rolling out of bed and not spending a moment on your appearance is a valid option. But you should refrain from doing so as often as you can. Make the effort to take a shower and put on clothes that make you feel your best. Being clean leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated while clothes can positively or negatively impact your mood. Believe it or not, but putting yourself together and wearing a polished outfit boosts your confidence and even affects the way you carry yourself, as opposed to wearing dirty, ill-fitting clothes that worsen your mood.

Manage your time effectively

With so many responsibilities and obligations to take care of, being frazzled and overwhelmed seems like second nature. However, you should combat this and make yourself feel the day can be both productive and eventually, relaxing. Learn how to manage your time efficiently – therefore, you can clearly see how to tackle the day, take care of the most important priorities first, and give yourself room to wind down in the evening.

At the end of the day, we always want to feel like our best selves, and the number one way to do that is to make a few small changes to our actions in everyday life. As long as you stay consistent with taking care of yourself, watch your habits, and always put your best foot forward, you’re guaranteed to improve the way you feel every single day without question.