6 Ways a Quality Mattress Can Improve Your Health


Health experts and professionals have continued to advise people about the need for enough sleep time. Depending on the age and other health conditions, required sleep hours vary. Adults recommended hours are between 7-9 hours. However, sleep sometimes is elusive.

How do you enhance ample and sound sleep? A quality mattress is one of the top suggestions that health officials advise on. Since quality items require a good financial investment, is it worth it to spend top dollar on a unit of mattress?

Here are the top reasons why you should invest in a quality mattress.

1. Maintaining Body Posture

Are you suffering from constant back pains? This could be as a result of the low-quality mattress. High quality offers the following positive re-enforcements for your body:

  • Spine alignment– Back pains could be a sign of long hours of poor body posture affecting your spine. A quality mattress holds body firmly, thus ensuring the spine does not assume unhealthy positions which may harm the spine.
  • Even distribution of weight– By offering a firm cushion, some body parts do not suffer when changing positions. This includes necks, limbs, and back. Evenly distributed weight eliminates any undue stress from any of the body parts.

In absence of a good quality mattress, the health can worsen due to constant back pain, spine discomfort. This can consequently affect your productivity.

2. Bonus health and social benefits

A quality mattress enhances the environment in homes, workplaces, and affects the overall health indirectly. A restful night is great for allowing body functions to operate optimally. Listed below are some of the numerous benefits that may accrue to you: –

  • Improves memory, alertness, and overall productivity– Conflicts may arise in the workplace due to reduced alertness or impartial loss of memory. Investing in the quality mattress can accord you quality sleep and ample rest mitigating such issues.
  • Reduced partner conflicts– Issues like snoring can be caused by several reasons including sleep deprivation. Deprived sleep can also cause reduced metabolism. This can lead to obesity or an overweight body. All these may increase tensions in marriages and homes.
  • Creaky sounds– Poor mattresses can be a source of weird and disturbing noises. This creates a nuisance to you and others affecting harmonious co-existence.
  • Sleep apnea– This is a potential sleep disorder that can arise with continued sleep deprivation.

Obtaining a quality mattress can help you keep your overall health in top shape.

3. Eliminating night fatigue

Do you feel tired in the morning after a full night of sleep? This could be a sign that sleep did not enhance rest. With a poor-quality mattress, your body will keep adjusting position albeit subconsciously throughout the night.

Without the necessary rest during the night, bodily functions can shut during the day, sometimes resulting in accidents. People working as truck drivers with long shifts on the road or factory workers could pose a great risk to others and themselves.

4. Shields you from allergies

A good number of people get allergic reactions to dust, pollen, and other minute particles that a mattress can collect. Some can also attract dust mites which can bring other ailments to you. Why are allergies dangerous to the health of some people? –

  • Puts the vulnerable at greater risk– People with sensitive skin can get bad allergic reactions like pimples and dry skin. On the other hand, children and old people have weak immune systems. Dust mites expose them to possible infections and other diseases.

The quality of a mattress deteriorates with time including dust repelling features. This, therefore, calls to regularly changing them to enhance quality.

5. Eliminate heat stress at night

Poor quality mattresses may have low absorbent qualities and porosity, hindering air movements. This can increase room temperatures hindering a conducive environment for sleep. This additional heat stress can manifest in signs such as headaches, muscle cramps, or nausea.

If you experience uncontrolled sweating at night accompanied by additional uneasiness, it could be the time to change your mattress.

6. Quality sleep helps to mitigate stress and worry

Stress and worry are natural components of life. Getting quality sleep ensures the body and mind can get away from those issues at night. Deprived sleep may lead to a build-up of anxiety and stress leading to depression and other health problems like hypertension.

Can my health improve after the acquisition of a quality mattress?

Yes, Definitely! For the above reasons, you may be missing a lot on the possibilities of improving your health. If you have noticed a combination of poor mood, reduced productivity, and sometimes reduced alertness. A quality mattress may help you improve on that.

If for instance, you have chronic back pains, a quality mattress may help your case. However, it is important to consult a health professional for a proper diagnosis.