6 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Garage Gym

garage gymTraining is something everyone should do; however, if your gym is far away and you end up spending a lot of time commuting, it can be fairly inconvenient. Furthermore, many people dislike sweating it out in front of other people, so they opt for doing some abs at home. The fact that a membership can go past $15 per month also convinces them that they made the right decision.

However, a few abs and squats at some can’t compare with the exercises you would normally do in a gym. Your body needs the proper strength training – and unless you have the proper equipment, you will not reap as much. Fortunately for you, if you have a garage [or even an extra room], it’s very easy to building your own garage gym.

Set the Goals

What are your goals, and why do you normally go to the gym? Do you want to bulk up and build more muscle, or do you simply want to lose some weight? If your goals are fairly general, then the equipment you use in your garage gym should be just as varied.

Get the Equipment

Your equipment should pretty much be a priority. If you are on a tight budget, focus on getting some basic equipment; others can be added later on. If you want to go for strength training, get some plates and bars. On the other hand, if endurance and use of bodyweight are your goal, you may want to go for a plowing box or a rowing machine. If you are looking for a machine that does it all, read up on Total Gym reviews. It is a very useful resistance training machine that does not need much space, making it great for a garage gym.

Choose Quality

It may be very tempting to cheap out on equipment, especially when you are barely starting. However, cheap instruments can have issues – which may later on lead to injury. This doesn’t necessarily mean broken bones and the sorts – but it may mean annoying blisters and uncomfortable grips that will make each training session a drag.

Prep the Garage

If you are building yourself a garage gym, don’t make it a tool shed, storage space, and gym at the same time. This will make the place feel way overcrowded, and you will not be able to feel as productive. Decluttering is the answer for a good workout session. Plus, it will give you space to move around.

Organize Your Gear

Each individual has a plan in mind when hitting the gym–so you may want to organize your equipment in a way that its usage is not random. Create a cycle for yourself, and place the equipment in a way that you can easily jump from ione machine to another.

Finish With Some DIY

You don’t need to spend tons of money on equipment. Sometimes, all you’ll need is a simple DIY project to get some simple projects done. You can easily build your own power rack, plyometric box or parallettes; all you will need is to read some blog spots and you’re ready.

Building your own gym may take some time, especially considering your budget. It may seem costly in the beginning, but it will definitely save you money in the long run.