6 Reasons Why VELCRO is Chameleon Of The Clothing Industry

blankCuriosity got the better of George De Mestral when walking in the woods, he found burdock seeds clung to his attire. He took a sample home and studied it and adapted the simple technology provided by nature, and discovered VELCRO. Then it was left to mini geniuses in different fields to explore the adaptation of this discovery in their sphere of operations.

One such area was daily worn garments where selectively VELCRO started replacing buttons. The adaptation of VELCRO had an immense scope in areas of adaptive clothing. It was being used widely in nursing homes and hospitals where patient’s hospital gowns needed to be changed or opened up for various reasons during patient care. It also provided relief to patients who otherwise would have had to endure the ordeal every time gowns had to be changed.

VELCRO has found wide usage in the medical Industry. The advantage of VELCROS is that they are amenable to an adjustment that is core to effectiveness in cervical collars and back support pads to durable apnea headgear.

Multiple uses of VELCRO

  • Velcro safety strips

VELCRO provides patient positioning during a medical procedure. The material used feels soft against the skin. There are no metal clasps which can hurt the skin while in use.

  • Velcro in sportswear

The fastener is used in sports apparel and gears; in helmet straps, gloves, ski boots, shoes, goggles, the list goes on. The added advantage comes with the ease of using no more fidgeting with snap-fit buttons till it gets aligned properly in the slot. It is easy to maintain, and all one needs to do is replace the VELCRO strip if it loses the friction power with regular use.

  • Edema

People who suffer from edema thank VELCRO for making their lives much easier. The customizable clothing and footwear options allows the patients to adjust the size of the clothing whenever required. For example, elastic waist pants are a kind of adaptive clothing which is recommended for edema patients to prevent skin irritation.

  • Being baby-friendly

The use of VELCRO technology in baby’s dresses has constant nappy and dress changing easier and mothers, happier. VELCROS doesn’t hurt the baby’s tender skin, unlike press buttons that were used earlier.

  • A boon for caregivers

Even at home, people attending paralyzed patients to people who are suffering from debilitating diseases like Parkinson’s, adaptive clothing that is designed to reduce the effort of family members who act as caregivers. Adaptive clothing uses VELCRO closures at seams at appropriate places that open up the dresses with a minimum tug.

  • Velcro for older people

As people get older, simple tasks like getting dressed may become a difficult task for a variety of reasons, such as lethargy, mobility issues etc.. The aging process brings certain difficulties resulting in finding fashionable, comfortable adaptive clothing that can help elderly individuals preserve their independence. You require special clothing to make changing adult briefs easier. In some cases, such as stroke or surgery, it may be important and convenient for clothing to have special openings and closures. However, minor adaptations to the clothing can have an impact on self-esteem. In such cases too, velcro clothing for seniors comes as a blessing.

Pro Tip: This Is How One Should Take care of VELCRO and prolong its longevity

  • Fully zip the garment while washing
  • Always wash in cold water.
  • Turn the garments inside out.
  • Avoid fabric softeners.


The application of VELCRO has become universal in the garment and fashion industry. It has found its way into footwear closures as well. It enhances the look by seamlessly blending the function with aesthetics. Such a timeless garment needs more appreciation than it gets! We hope now you know all you wanted to know about this wonder material. So before it slips your mind, let’s go velcro shopping! What is your opinion on velcro? Let us know what you think!