5 Wellness Trends You Have To Try In 2021

blankIf you are like most people nowadays, you are about to emerge from the cocoon you have been living in for over a year. You may have gained a few pounds while you were in quarantine, and your social interactions have been limited. This may have been stressful. Stress can be very bad for your body, and it can even kill you. There are five wellness trends that you should try to get back into both mental and physical shape so you can move beyond the pandemic.

1. Intuitive Eating

There have been a lot of diets introduced over the years. Some have been high in carbs, and some have suggested a reduction of carbs. Some are high in the good kinds of fat, and others have suggested a low-fat diet. Other plans have suggested getting more of the “good kinds” of fat.

Have you ever considered the possibility that your body craves certain foods because you need them? The theory of intuitive eating would suggest that your body knows best.

Eating the things your body has a craving for does not necessarily mean indulging yourself in cakes and pies all day. Although, the occasional sweets are fine. Your body craves certain nutrients, and if you listen to it rather than following a set diet, you may get what you need.

Dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch came up with the concept of intuitive eating. It is based on ten basic principles. It advises paying attention to what your body is telling you to eat rather than listening to what doctors or body-shaming advertisers tell you to do.

2. AI Created Foods

Veggie burgers and meat substitutes have employed soy to simulate the taste of meat for a while now. Although it may contradict the hippy convictions of nourishment coming from the earth, plenty of the latest vegan foods are chemical-based.

This year will bring a protein that tastes just like dairy but is fully vegan. It is being offered by a company called Perfect Day, and it will be used in ice cream by Graeter’s.

3. Kelp

Move over kale; there is a new green glamor vegetable. Kelp is most often seen in miso soup. Kelp is a saltwater seaweed. It is very sustainable and rich in b vitamins. A single plant grows to 15 feet, and it cleans the ocean as it grows. You will find people putting a cube of kelp into their smoothies to add a boost of nutrition. You may even see it being used in kimchi.

4. Politically Correct Spices

Spices have been the catalyst for wars and violence for a long time, and farmers of such spices as cinnamon have been treated unfairly by large spice brokerages.  Companies such as Burlap and Barrel do not use brokers of any kind. The spices come from many countries around the world. The spices that they sell are not only politically correct, but they will come from different regions than the seasonings you are used to eating. You May notice some delicious new flavors making their way into your dishes.

5. Microdosing

The state of Oregon recently made magic mushrooms legal for use as a psychotropic drug. Oregon also decriminalized all drugs. You may not be able to buy them in the vitamin aisle, but you are likely to see a surge of mental health care professionals lobbying to get magic mushrooms legalized in their jurisdictions.

According to eva-marieberry.com, your health is essential. 2021 offers a plethora of inventive new ways to take care of yourself.