5 Mindsets That Guarantee Enduring Success

Fotolia_90046354_Subscription_Monthly_MChanging the way you think can literally change your life. When you set your heart on a goal, spend some time making an action plan and also on evaluating your mindset towards this goal. Your thoughts have an impact on the quality of your life. And a negative mindset will come in the way of making your plans work for you. Here are 5 mindsets known to attract success in every sphere of life.

1. I am focused

In this age of thousand distractions, everyone is fighting for your attention. It’s so easy to go astray from your goals and lose track of time. But if you want to achieve something of value, it’s important to have a razor sharp focus that is unwavering. For example, if time management is your issue, keep the smart phone away when working and ration the time you spend on social media.

 2. Mistakes help me better myself

Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone knows how to take them in their stride. Look around and you will see successful people who have suffered a series of failures; or may have had a history of addiction or substance abuse; or even those who may have messed up academically. But they used those experiences of their life as learning lessons and opportunities to improve their life. Rather than being bogged down they made sure to rise up and learn from the past.

 3. Criticism helps me grow

There is no way we can escape criticism or the way it is delivered to us. What we can do however, is control the way we respond to criticism. Not all criticism is bad. Each time we receive feedback, it may be worthwhile to introspect about what is the learning from that criticism.

 4. I only say positive things to myself

What others say to you matters. But what matters more is what you say to yourself throughout the day, from the moment you wake up till you go to bed. You are constantly speaking to yourself, consciously and unconsciously—so choose your words wisely. We all have a constant self-talk going on, which may be positive and uplifting or demotivating. For instance, when you see yourself in the mirror, speak words of appreciation to yourself. This technique is called mirror work and has helped people deal with issues ranging from alcoholism to binge eating and even serious health issues.

5. I always look for the positive

You can choose to see the cup as half full or half empty, it’s a ‘choice’ you make and that defines whether you are an optimistic or a pessimistic person. A negative person will make a mountain out of a molehill and give up before giving a good fight. A positive mindset will take your focus away from the problem and on ways to find a solution.