5 Health Benefits of Owning Vibrators

That’s right ladies, you heard correctly. From mental to physical—here are five health benefits of owning vibrators.

Well… not just owning them, but putting them to good use. Possibly better use than you originally thought. Just about every one of us has the bedside table that has at least a few stray vibrators laying around, and according to science, it’s time to dust them off. If you don’t, it’s no time to be shy and great vibrators are now easier and more affordable than ever! Here are five surprising health benefits of owning, and using, your vibrators.

Vibrators can aide in early detection of vaginal diseases

Because self-stimulation sort of requires that you get comfortable with the standard form of your genitals, it can help you detect signs of diseases earlier. Studies have shown that the best course for early detection of some vaginal STIs and cancers are self-examination. Using a vibrator promotes touching your genitals, which gets you comfortable with how they feel normally. This can make it a whole lot easier to notice if anything changes down there. Statistically, women who use vibrators are also significantly more likely to have regular gynecological exams.

Vibrators improve baseline sexual function

A whole lot of a woman’s sex drive depends on how much sex she is currently having. Keep yourself in the game during dry spells by whipping out your trusty vibrators. Not only do they keep you hot and at the ready; regular users of vibrators scored themselves higher on many sexual function surveys. Read: ladies who use vibrators more often, report better sex, and better orgasms. Some have even reported that the regular use of vibrators has helped them with natural lubrication, a problem that many menopausal and postmenopausal, women struggle with.

Vibrators may lower blood pressure and resting heart rate

Regular use of vibrators not only feels great, but it also can convince your body to want sex more often. Upping your sex drive has some pretty great benefits. Regular cardiorespiratory activity is associated with better overall fitness. Lower resting heart rates, better lung compliance, and a lower blood pressure. Studies have also shown that isometric exercise is great for maintaining baseline muscle strength and fitness. So find your way to as many full body stiffening, toe curling orgasms that you can! Maybe don’t fully skip the gym, but feel a little less guilty about your rest days.

Vibrators and their regular use lower stress levels

In the middle ages, women used to have to go see their regular physician in order to receive “genital manipulation”, to rid their uterus of “excess humors”. This practice basically involved your physician doing the heavy lifting, as masturbation was considered deeply taboo. Regular use of vibrators, as well as a healthy sex drive are both great ways to keep stress levels at a manageable minimum.

Vibrators can make you happier

When women orgasm, our bodies release oxytocin, a hormone that is widely considered the “cuddle hormone” and one that is thought to promote happiness. In many mammals, oxytocin release has been correlated with pair bonding, or that urge to stick with the honey that makes you happy. Frequent sexual has also been considered to be a great way to keep relationships strong and healthy. So ladies, keep those good vibes flowing and break out your vibrators!