5 Essential Items you Should Have to Take Care of Your Elderly Loved Ones

blankThe ongoing pandemic makes us realize how fragile life is, after all, with thousands dead and millions infected, it becomes essential to take care of each other and more importantly, the elders amongst us. Due to the current situation and social distancing guidelines, the majority of elders are restricted to their homes and require the utmost attention from the younger lot or family caregivers.

Caring for an elderly loved one is not as simple as it sounds; it requires adequate planning and balance in terms of responsibilities. Not everyone can be a caregiver, and if you are entrusted for such a role, make sure you know all the tips to be an efficient caregiver. You need to be on your toes, proactive, and well equipped with all essential items such as:

Vital Kits

If you are looking after an elderly individual, you need to have a critical kit that contains a thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff, etc. You may be wondering that it’s the doctor’s job to take essential readings and interpret them accordingly, however, the doctor will not be available 24/7. If you are looking after an older adult, you shall know how to manage vitals and operate essential devices.

You should be able to take note of their symptoms, appetite, and any unusual change in vital signs that requires medical attention. Sometimes even the slightest of missed necessary readings can cause severe harm due to a delayed medical response.

Protective Garments

Your loved one may experience weak bones, and muscle dampening, for that matter. As a precautionary measure, it is essential to provide them with basic garments such as bibs, arm, leg protectors, and snuggles, etc. Some of them may undergo functional problems such as UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or a weak bladder, which disrupts urine from the body in an uncontrollable manner. It causes urinary leakages in ordinary undergarments; therefore, you need protective underwear for adults to prevent leakages. Such garments vary in terms of absorption, it depends on urinary control, and your loved one may require one with regular intake.

If they require one for sleeping, then overnight underwear is needed. Oftentimes, elderly individuals are unable to control their urine at all, so they require underpants with ultimate absorption. While these garments are essential, they must be unnoticeable under clothing so that your loved one does not feel dependent or uncomfortable.

Convenience Tools

An older person faces acute problems, something as simple as getting the TV remote or a book from the top of the bookshelf. Even if they are not ill, they may experience back pain or discomfort.

Provide them with a reacher, grabber or a handle gripper. These tools help them to do specific tasks on their own hence giving them a sense of self-reliance and confidence. At an older age, they need to value themselves by performing their task and staying active.

Fall Prevention Tools

The home appears to be a safe space for your loved one, but there is a possibility of hurting themselves if left unmonitored. Older people often succumb to slippery slopes, elevated pathways, and unprotected ceilings. A weak sense of sight and other sensory losses due to aging may prevent them from noticing minor obstacles.

Therefore, create a safe environment and proof your home with fall prevention tools such as call bell, wheelchair locks, grab bars, etc. It is essential to have extra lighting, handrails, and clean floors to prevent your loved ones from falling.

Nutrition Chart

Nutritional needs and a planned diet is essential for all of us, and particularly for your elderly loved ones. If you deviate from your diet plan, it may not affect you, but it severely affects an elder individual. A minor change in diet or perhaps vitamin in-take can disrupt their metabolism.

A professionally prepared plan involves an optimal combination of soft and hard foods for an elderly individual as most of them have artificial teeth; the intake needs to be coherent with the nutrition chart.

Care for your elderly!

If you are a caregiver or you have hired one for your loved one, remember to be morally supportive, spend time with them, and enable social inclusion. The above-mentioned essentials will definitely help you care for them in a better way. However, it is also the element of care, which is essential for your loved ones. Caregiving is perhaps one of the most humane responsibilities one can adhere to, and in a global pandemic, these services are way more important than any other job out there. With the help of these essential items, you can take care for your elderly individual quite easily.