5 Elegant Ideas to Make Your Garden a Work of Art

microgreensA gorgeous garden captures our attention in a different way than other forms of beauty, like painting or sculpture. Strolling through a stunning garden is more of a multisensory experience. Our senses are immediately stimulated by colors, patterns, and fragrances. We suddenly feel wonderful and even pay attention to the songs of birds.

But this beauty is delicate. Many things can disturb the sense of tranquility that you’re trying to cultivate in your garden. Your wonderful garden can, for instance, be disrupted by pests. While many annoying insects like caterpillars can be controlled by simple solutions like neem oil, others like stinging or biting insects can be more problematic.

In Nashville, for instance, a place with many lovely gardens, gardeners might seek the help of pest control in Nashville to assist them with removing pests like mosquitoes. Pest infestations don’t just disturb the peace of a home, they can also ruin the enjoyment of a garden.

With that said, here are five things that you need to do to ensure that your garden is as gorgeous as it can be:

Keep your garden simple

It’s not easy to keep a garden simple. Your own creative streak as a gardener will often conspire to stir up a beautiful riot of colors and shapes. It takes discipline to be simple. You need careful planning to keep things easy on the eye.

Good gardeners borrow an idea from designers called minimalism. Surprisingly, the use of simple concepts is exactly what makes a garden stand out. Less is more for those who know how to tame nature’s profusion.

Find a focal point to delight the visitor

Variegated plants and flowering shrubs are beautiful, but nothing is more beautiful than a bed of flowers. Marigolds and sunflowers, for instance, add a splash of color to a sea of green grass and shrubs and trees. Flowers provide delightful contrast. The idea of a focal point comes from interior design. In a living room, one lovely piece of furniture serves as a focal point; similarly, in a garden, annual flowers, as well as perennial ones, serve as perfect focal points.

Think beyond a festival of flowers

While a colorful garden is always a good thing, you don’t always have to rely on flowers alone to paint your beautiful miniature landscape. You can have lovely flowers without specifically planting flowers. Spring onions sprout white flowers; thyme, pink flowers; pineapple sage, red flowers; basils, white flowers; and dill, yellow flowers.

Pick a theme or two

Goethe once referred to flowers as “beautiful hieroglyphics of nature” and much of the language of flowers is articulated by their vibrant colors. While there is nothing wrong with multicolored flowers splashing color all over the place, also consider the possibility of beautifying a specific garden space by picking a color theme. Besides building a theme around color, you can also group plants with similar foliage, making patterns your theme.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to confine yourself to one theme—like a certain type of flowers, herbs, or shrubs; certain selection of colors; or certain display of foliage patterns. You can, in fact, have different themes playing at the same time in different parts of the garden.

Frame your garden as if it were a work of art

There is a reason why galleries often go to great length to pick the right frames for works of art. The frames need to be subtle enough not to attract attention but well-defined enough to bring out the beauty of a painting.

Borrowing from that analogy, think about how you can frame your flower beds and lovely plants. You can, for instance, use border plants like Tricolor Sage, Nasturtiums, and Moss Phlox along the edge of a garden bed. You can also use materials like bricks, pebbles, wood shavings to suggest boundaries.

Secrets to a Charming Garden

In conclusion, the care and nurturing of a garden by pulling out weeds, getting rid of harmful insects, and making sure that your plants have plenty of sunshine and water, is only one part of the story. Healthy, well-tended plants aren’t the only things that make a garden beautiful. Experimenting with these five ideas can also make a garden charming.