4 Ways to Speed Up Injury Recovery

blankInjuries, in any sense, can be very tough on people. Unfortunately, some of the most common injuries are sports injuries. When it comes to sports injuries, the most commonly asked question is always, “How do I speed up my recovery process?” Athlete or not, below is a list of ways to help you get back on your feet after an injury faster than ever.


There is an old mnemonic device that people follow to help with injuries, and even though it may be old, it still works. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation, and each one of these things is very important to make sure that you are not in pain. Plus, if you take care of it early, it will help you get back out there and move again.

The rice method is typically used early on in the treatment process to take away pain and swelling, and nobody wants to be in pain, so if you have just been injured, this is a great method to use.

Get it Looked at

Do not, under any circumstance, try to be a hero. For example, if you have a sports injury, don’t try to finish the game when you are hurt. Your high school basketball game is not worth risking the rest of your career or even a life worth of pain.

As soon as the injury has occurred, get some ice on it to start the RICE method, and go to the hospital. It doesn’t matter how serious you may think it is; the professionals will tell you how to approach the situation and steps to take to make sure that you are back on your feet.

Don’t completely stay off it

A very common misconception that many people have is that you need to stay off of your injury so it can heal completely. There is some truth to that statement, but that is only for early on in the injury, and it depends upon the injury. Broken bones are examples of things you need to let completely heal before starting to ease your way back on your feet.

But, for tendon and muscle injuries, you can get up and move; this way, your muscle won’t tighten up, and you can strengthen the surrounding muscles to build strength back up and prevent future injuries.

Understand your Body

The most overlooked part of injury recovery is body awareness; if you fully understand what happened to your body and how it feels, you are more likely to be moving faster and better. Also, once you have understood the injury compared to how it is supposed to feel, communicate that with your friends, family, and physicians.

Your doctors are there to help you; even though they may not want you on your feet right away, they are always keeping your best interests in mind. If you talk to them about what you are feeling, in comparison to what you should be feeling, then it is more likely you will be back to full strength faster.

Also, having a physical therapist on standby can be a great way to speed up the injury process. Most doctors will require physical therapy, but if you live in Exeter, PA, there are some great physical therapists out there. If you need physical therapy in Exeter, PA, you just have to look online to find some extremely qualified therapists.