4 Signs that You might be Suffering from OCD

Fearful eyes behind torn paperThe term OCD has become so ubiquitous these days that it has started losing its meaning. While being somewhat obsessive and anxious from time to time is totally normal, obsessive thoughts for people suffering from OCD can completely overtake their lives. Actual OCD is a serious condition that can only be remedied with help and professional assistance. So, how do you know if you’re actually suffering from OCD? Here are some of the clear symptoms.

You’re Often Having Self Harming Thoughts

Most people may have some fleeting thoughts of harming themselves or someone after they’ve been through some sort of conflict. While this is perfectly normal, people suffering from OCD may have a real fear that they might act on these thoughts. These are commonly referred to as aggressive compulsions. These might take the form of you thinking that you may jump out of a window or in front of a train for instance. If you find yourself having these types of obsessive thoughts regularly, then you might need to see a professional.

You need Constant Reassurance in your Relationships

It’s normal to have some degree of doubt in your relationships, however, if you always have to check and reconsider the status of your relationships, then you might be suffering from relationship OCD. If you’re constantly asking yourself questions like: am I actually in love with this person? Could there be someone out there better for me? Then it might be the case. In other cases, relationship OCD may push you to constantly ask your partner if they truly love you or if they think you’re a good mom or father.

If these questions are incessant and stop you from having a healthy relationship, then you might be crossing the line into relationship OCD.

Obsession with Symmetry

While this is a common trait among children suffering from OCD, it is a trait that is often carried into adulthood and for the rest of the person’s life. This might take the form of needing to do the same thing on each side of your body the exact same number of times or having to line up things in a specific way. The key is if you have to perform the same action until everything feels right, or if you’re feeling some sort of anxiety unless you practice the exact same routine every time.

Simply being an organized person doesn’t mean you’re suffering from OCD. It’s when you start having obsessive repetitive patterns that you might have to start to worry. If you notice this type of behavior in you or your child, you might want to consult people like the ELEOS Psychology Center who are specialized in diagnosing and treating obsessive-compulsive behavior.

You’re Worried about Catching a Particular Disease

Germophobia is one of the most common traits of someone suffering from OCD and irrational fear of catching diseases falls along the same line. If you’re constantly worrying about catching something or you have an irrational fear of public restrooms, for instance, then it might be a sign that you’re suffering from the condition.


OCD is a very serious disorder that should be treated as soon as you spot the earliest symptoms. If you’re exhibiting any or all of the symptoms in this article, don’t be afraid to seek professional help so you can prevent the condition from aggravating and interfering with your life.