4 Reasons To Use a Balance Board With Your Standing Desk

Office workers spend a considerable amount of time sitting down. You might think there is nothing wrong with that, considering that they’re working, but over a working week, that adds up to a tremendous amount of time.

There are serious risks associated with a sedentary working life, which means office workers need to focus on moving around as much as possible. An excellent way to do that while continuing to work is to use a standing desk.

A standing desk allows you to continue working while standing up — basically what it says on the tin. You might think that standing doesn’t give you much of a workout. Many studies have suggested that standing and sitting in an alternating pattern can be beneficial for overall health and well-being. When you add in a balance board standing desk combination, the results are far-reaching.

What is a Balance Board?

You might hear balance board, also called wobble board, but they’re the same; it is a board which is a little like a see-saw and is a little off balance. It is mounted upon an unstable central piece, and to stand on it comfortably, and without falling over, you need to engage your core muscles. All of these help to strengthen your major muscles while also improving your balance and stability.

Balance is vital for health. When you have a low balance, you are far more likely to fall over and injure yourself, and it can mean that you don’t recover from injury as quickly as you otherwise would. We also know that in the elderly, falls are prevalent. By increasing your balance, you’re able to reduce the likelihood of a fall. Using a balance board standing desk combination means that you’re not only getting a work out during your day, but you’re also strengthening your balance and stability at the same time.

4 Reasons to Use a Balance Board

There are many balance board benefits, and we’ve already mentioned that increasing your balance is ideal for health, but why else should you use a balance board for a standing desk? Here are four reasons why.

Smaller Workouts Yield Greater Results

Sometimes it’s not about massive workouts that leave you dripping in sweat. Small exercises regularly can have results that are just as impressive, if not more so. You’re also more able to work out in this way for longer because you’re not putting forth a tremendous amount of effort.

Reduced Back Pain

Another improvement often seen from using a balance board standing desk combination is a reduction in back pain. When you sit down for too long, especially while working, back pain can be very prevalent. One of the most chronic problems is lower back pain in particular, but by strengthening the back’s main muscles, this is reduced.

So, not only does a balance board improve your balance, but it also adds strength to the muscles, which are in hotspot areas; this is the best way to not only prevent pain but reduce it if you already have the beginnings of a chronic problem.

Improved Posture

One benefit of balance board use is improved posture. When you have a good posture, you side-step many common health complaints, such as chronic pain, headaches, and even digestive issues in some cases. By learning how to use a balance board at your standing desk, you’ll be able to feel more comfortable when standing and find that over time you’ll be able to hold it for longer while reaping extra benefits.

Improved Concentration and Alertness

Being more active at work or during your time at home can help you to focus for longer. There is a reason why exercise is encouraged during a working day, such as a walk at lunchtime. That’s because after lunch, when you return to your desk, you’ll be more switched on and able to focus on the task at hand.

It all comes down to increased blood flow to the brain, encouraged by whatever exercise you choose to do. While standing isn’t a full-on cardiovascular workout on its own, it is still exercising that helps to bring additional benefits your way. Therefore, a balance board standing desk combination could be the ideal way to increase your productivity and reduce working mistakes.


More and more offices are choosing to include standing desks in their design. That means that office workers have more chances to be active during their working day and therefore help to boost health, well-being and productivity at the same time. When you add a balance board into the mix, the benefits are increased. Balance boards are ideal for improving posture, flexibility, balance, and stability. These are all elements required for a healthy and robust body.