3 Myths About Drug Detox

If you’ve been considering going to a treatment program for drug addiction, there are some important things you should know. It’s best to dispel some myths about drug rehab so you’ll have a clear idea of what you can expect when you sign up for treatment. Remember that you’re making a decision that will change your life for the better, and while you will face challenges, you’ll find that your detox process will be more successful and the effects will last for years.

1. You’ll Be Separated from Your Normal Life Long-Term

You may be apprehensive about drug detox if you have a family or hectic career, since you’ll have to take time away from your normal life to complete the rehabilitation process. Howver, you don’t have to venture from your normal life for a long period of time. There are several detox programs that allow you to return home after a few days or even nightly so you can still interact with your loved ones and get the love and support you need while you’re weaning your body from harmful substances. Some rehab centers also allow your relatives to visit you often while you’re in treatment so you can maintain your bond and receive the encouragement you need.

2. Only Wealthy People Can Afford Detox

There’s a common myth that only rich people can afford detox or rehab. This is simply not true. You may be able to get the drug rehab assistance you need through your health insurance, so check with your employer to see if your policy will cover your detox. In some instances, your employer may encourage you to go to rehab so you can improve your health and perform better at work.

There are also affordable detox programs you can take advantage of that will allow you to enter a payment plan with the facility. This takes away the stress of paying for drug rehab so you can focus on getting better.

3. You Can Stay Clean After Detox by Using Willpower

It’s crucial that you realize that willpower alone won’t keep you sober once rehab is over. While you may have every intention of staying away from harmful substances, you may be triggered to start using drugs again when you have a disagreemernt with a family member, deal with stressful situations at work, or you’re in social situations where your friends may be abusing drugs or alcohol.

You need to have a reliable support system around you to motivate you and be a listening ear when you’re having a rough time. Your close friends and family can keep you accountable and remind you of the reasons why you’re striving to remain sober.

When you enter a detox program with these truths in mind, you’ll be more likely to go through the process with reduced stress and a clear goal in mind. It’s important that you know the truth about drug detox so you can prepare your body and mind for each phase and experience success once your drug rehab program has ended.