3 Medical Issues that Require Immediate Attention

3-medical-issues-that-require-immediate-attentionWorking hard to feel your best may be high on your daily agenda. However, despite many of your best efforts that may include eating right and exercising diligently, you can face a medical emergency. These are instances that may occur at any time and you simply can’t ignore some to these symptoms. If you begin to feel pain in a certain part of your body, this is an indication that you have a problem. You may be tempted to try and cast this off with a “wait and see” attitude. However, your life could be at stake with certain conditions and knowing what some of these are could be helpful to you.

1. Pain during urination

One of the issues that are commonly reported by women include having a urinary tract infection (UTI). This is when it may be extremely uncomfortable to urinate and can cause stress in your life.

This is typically the result of a bacterial infection in this area of your body, and you will want to work to get it diagnosed and treated as quickly as you can.

Other symptoms that accompany a UTI include frequent urination and a burning sensation for some people. You will need to get a UTI prescription to enable you to recover as quickly as possible.

2. Signs of appendicitis

When you wake up with an intense pain in your side, it's something that you simply can’t let go without getting medical attention. One of the first symptoms that are typically felt by individuals that suffer from appendicitis is a pain in the lower abdomen.

Listed below are some of the most symptoms of this ailment are listed below:

  1. High fever – Studies do show that if you have a fever above 99-102, this is considered to be abnormally high and does typically accompany this condition.
  2. Nausea – If you feel sick to your stomach and even experience vomiting, this frequently occurs with appendicitis. You may not even want anything to eat for a couple of days.
  3. Can’t pass gas – Being able to relieve your body of gas can help you feel better throughout the day. However, if you have this condition, you won’t be capable of passing gas.
  4. Swelling – Due to the amount of inflammation that you may experience at this time, you could have some swelling and tenderness in the abdominal area.

Be sure to seek emergency medical attention if you have any of the appendicitis symptoms listed above for your own sake.

3. Tender breasts

One of the most common diseases that strike women is breast cancer. This can be a horrific experience to endure, and you will want to be sure that you find any issues with your breasts early to quickly get the right amount of medical treatment.

There are symptoms you can look for that may increase the chances of having breast cancer and some of these are listed below:

  1. Tenderness – Do your breasts always seem tender and a bit achy, regardless of your menstrual cycle?
  2. Lumps – Have you found any hard areas around your breast that feel like a lump is there? If so, you should visit a medical provider immediately to have this evaluated.

You will also want to consult with your doctor about the right age to start getting mammograms to provide you with increased protection against breast cancer.

Taking care of your body should be your number one priority. Be sure to have certain medical conditions evaluated immediately rather than putting these off because doing so may just save your life!