Simple Rules

Simple Rules

Healthy lifestyle, healthier you

Small changes in your lifestyle will make a huge difference in your immunity levels

Stay cool this summer

Here are some useful summer health tips that will help to stay cool and healthy this summer

NABH ACCREDITATION: Choosing the right hospital

There are a number of hospitals in India that offer a multitude of medical services. In a medical emergency, the nearest hospital is chosen. However, when there is time to choose a hospital, how should one choose?

Building a home

To make a house a home takes a lot of effort. The financial, physical and emotional difficulty one faces is not little but the end result is worth the try

Protect health from climate change

In an interview with ASHWINI Ranade, ALEXANDER von Hildebrand, Regional Advisor, WHO, shares his views on how we can protect your health from some impacts of climate change by making simple choices in our daily routines.

Invest in a gym wisely

Hitting the gym is more a trend today than it has ever been. It is important to make an informed decision on how and where you work out

Gift of Love

Gifts are more than mere tokens of affection. They make a statement, not just about your love, affection and commitment, but your personality as well

Hey Mom, stay happy!

Communicating with the growing life in the womb is essential, maybe even more than physical nourishment

Stay Fresh when Expecting

Everyday stress can really take its toll on you, more so during pregnancy. Here's how to avoid falling into the tiredness trap

Simple steps to beat stress

Stress management need not be a daunting task. Sticking to basics and doing simple things can help in dealing with stress.


Sathya Saran