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Self-help Clinic

The monkey mind—Stop your inner critic from sabotaging your success and happiness

Millions who possess the potential to achieve great heights of success are struggling with one enemy—the inner critic. Learn how to defeat this enemy at its own game and find the success and happiness that you desire and deserve

March 2016 issue: Rein in the monkey

By unleashing a cascade of crippling thoughts, your monkey mind robs you of your innate ability to live a happy, successful life

These are my priorities

To prevent burning out, you need to set clear and firm boundaries for yourself

The triumph of vulnerability: Rising Strong By Dr Brené Brown

The book’s cover states, “The physics of vulnerability is simple: if we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. Being brave and falling helps us grow and changes us for the better.” Dr Brown proposes that for every emotion we feel, there is a definite response elicited in us.

February 2016 issue: Preventing burnouts

Not being challenged at work is bound to make you feel disengaged, causing boredom, which ultimately leads to burnout

No more New Year’s resolutions

Forget New Year's resolutions; set intentions instead, says Dwayna Covey

How to overcome hesitation

Hesitation is the fine line that prevents you from achieving your dreams

Coping with an unexpected illness

Ramgopal Vallath shares how he coped and what he learned when an unexpected illness threatened to shatter his whole life

Self-transformation: Leap out of that door

Unless you take the leap, self-transformation will remain nothing more than wishful thinking

We had a good life…Now it’s a great life!

Read how Manoj Arora redefined his priorities and increased both his and his family’s happiness quotient manifold


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