“Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results” — Robin Sharma

He’s been changing the lives of people across the world with his powerful books. In an insightful interview to Complete Wellbeing, Robin Sharma shares his transformational ideas on life, leadership and living purposefully.

Robin SharmaThere is a certain aura that surrounds him. You cannot escape his piercing eyes, his glowing face, his energetic demeanour and his 1000 watt smile. His responses are spontaneous and unpretentious and yet there’s a charm about him that makes him endearing. Meet Robin Sharma, the man who lives on his own terms, and shows you how you too can do the same…

Let’s start with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. What inspired you to write such a book? Just like the protagonist, you too were a practising lawyer. So it seems to be an autobiographical account… are you the monk?

Yes, a lot of Julian Mantle’s story is my story. So you’re right. I was a litigation lawyer by profession. The challenge I faced was that I was living someone else’s life. I was living the life that society had sold me on the true meaning of success. I was well educated, I had a lovely office, I had two law degrees… and yet when I’d wake up in the morning, I’d feel completely empty and frustrated and disconnected with my purpose and my true values. So yes, Julian Mantle is me in many ways. Thankfully, I didn’t have a heart attack. But I went on my own odyssey and started searching—I wanted to understand what are the tools and what a life well lived is all about. And I made a profound transformation with what I learnt… about rewiring your mindset, rewiring your values and rewiring your behaviours. That’s what inspired me to write The Monk…

And it started as nothing more than a dream, I was laughed at. I think if you’re not being laughed at a lot, you’re not doing very much. I had a vision, and all I had going for me was my instinct, my gut. And I knew that people will be inspired by this book, they will connect with it and it will help transform them and help them become what they want to be. So I just went out there, step-by-step, sharing the message of the book with one person at a time. Soon the book started travelling around the world through word-of-mouth and it became what it is now.

Read Robin’s deep insights covering answers to questions like

  • Where did you learn the ‘rewiring’ part?
  • It’s evident that The Monk… came about as a result of a transformation within you. And so did all the success afterwards. What does success mean to you?
  • You seem to be absolutely clear about your priorities in life. But that’s what most people struggle with. What advice do you have for those who are faced with difficult dilemmas?
  • What is the biggest challenge to pursue your dream?
  • Talking about leadership… how do you define it? And how can a leader strike a balance between her commercial goals and the human development aspect?
  • What are the five most important things you do to stay inspired and focused on your vision?
  • So what’s your typical day like?
  • Finally, what is your idea about the purpose of life?

Some gems from the interview

I live in a bubble, a pristine bubble of absolute focus around positivity and getting my dreams done.

You get some momentum. Like Mahatma Gandhi… everybody who started following Gandhi empowered him and his vision

Each day you’ve got to advance your priorities versus living the priorities of the world.

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One Response to “Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results” — Robin Sharma

  1. He is my inspiration in every morning.Im just a Post Graduate student but Im learning a lot from his blogs & books.Ensure’s the Determination of the goal…Thank U Robin..

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