FACIAL EXERCISES: For a beautiful face

Our face is our biography, let’s make it a bestseller.

ExerciseThe desire to look young and beautiful is universal. Looking good makes you feel good and adds quality to your life. However looking good isn’t as easy as it sounds. We have to contend with the environment – the sun rays, food we eat, our genetics and time. To improve our physical looks, we join a gym or start exercises like walking, swimming, and yoga and achieve fitness of the body. But, what about your face?

Our face is our identity and speaks volumes about us. Just like the cover of a book, it tells the inner story. Beautiful faces have motivated poets to compose the most romantic songs and artists to paint the best portraits. Beautiful faces have launched a million products and generated more commercial enterprise than any other part of the body.

Beauty lies within

Physical beauty is an external impression of the spirit. A beautiful woman radiates from within, her complexion glows and her eyes shine. Her movements and gestures are poised and graceful. They flow with a natural rhythm.

Scientifically a face is made up of 57 muscles. It is the most expressive part of the body and has a wider range of movements than any other. Yet, so much is written about body fitness and very little about the face. For us, fitness is limited only up to the shoulder level. We exclude the face from the fitness regime. It is important to understand that facial muscles are as responsive to exercise as the body muscles.

The human body is a complex self-healing machine. All the muscles in the body respond to exercise. Muscles have a tendency to increase in size and firmness when they are exercised. Just as weight lifting [resistance training] increases and builds muscle size, giving a facial workout can help build and firm the facial muscles in the face and neck areas.

So what do we do? Can we stop the aging process? Can we control or delay the lines, wrinkles and sagging of the face without any expensive procedure or surgery? The answer is, yes. You can be your own surgeon, your own sculptor. Minute by minute, day by day you can work on yourself and sculpt your face. This simple and easy exercise works wonders to enhance your beauty.

Facial workout

Facial workout exercises do not require any special equipment. The best time to start doing facial exercise is before the facial muscles begin to weaken and lose their tone and firmness.

Facial building not only promotes the production of new cells but also produces healthier, more resilient cells the natural way. Muscle fibre and connective tissue must be challenged to remain vital, healthy and youthful. Your face is no exception. Just as physical exercise helps to keep the body firm and toned, facial exercise will help to keep the facial muscles looking their best. It is a natural and non-surgical way to improve the problem areas of the face such as:

  1. Droopy eyelids
  2. Crow’s feet
  3. Under eye puffiness
  4. Sagging cheeks
  5. Cheek folds
  6. Droopy jaw line
  7. Vertical line around the lips
  8. Thinning lips
  9. Double chin effect
  10. Loose skin on the neck area.

You will be thrilled by the dramatic results of facial exercises. Much as a programme of body building strengthens and enlarges the skeletal muscles, as well as tones and tightens the overlying skin, facial exercises also do the same. The skin and muscles of the face sag with time. A regular programme of facial exercises will strengthen and lift them and tighten the overlying skin. Because the facial muscles are small and easily isolated, truly dramatic results will be achieved in a short time span.

Benefits of facial exercises:

  • It stimulates blood circulation to feed the cells of the outer layers, promoting better colour and skin tone.
  • It rejuvenates the elasticity and natural collagen, and smoothes sunken areas of the face.
  • It diminishes fine lines and softens deeper lines to create a more firm and youthful texture.
  • It brightens and tightens the skin.

People of all age groups, right from 16-72 years, benefit from these facial exercises. The younger have problems of heavy cheeks or double chin. The middle age complain of toning up, and 45 and above for sagginess and deep naso-labial folds and wrinkles. It works well both for sculpting and toning the face as well as for delaying and reversing the effects of aging.

Facial exercises

Try these simple exercises that improve your looks and delay those aging lines from appearing.

  • Naso-labial lines and corners of mouth - Place two fingers on either side of the mouth and pull the corners towards the ears. Purse your lips and try to pout. Hold for count of 10. Do 10 reps to avoid naso-labial lines and sharpen corners of your mouth.
  • Eye muscles - Place two fingers at the corner of your eyes. Shut your eyes tight. Open. Do 10 reps to strengthen your eye muscles.
  • Chin muscle - Place three fingers below your lips, resting on the chin. Pull your lower down. Take your lower lip inside the mouth against the pull of the fingers. Do 10 reps.
  • Double chin - Press the tip of your tongue behind the upper teeth in your mouth. Place the ball below the chin and press upwards. Hold for count of three. Release the pressure of the ball. Do 10 reps to avoid double chin.
  • Cheek lift - Place two fingers below the chin and pull it to one side. Place the ball on the other side of the cheek. Raise the ball towards the upper ear lifting the cheek muscles. Hold for count of 10 and smile to the same side of the cheekDo 10 reps.
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  • ASHA Bachani

    ASHA Bachani

    Asha Bachani is a Mumbai-based Cosmetologist, Aesthetic Consultant and Nutritionist. Her unique Face Gym has brought the concept of facial workouts to India. She is also the official facial expert For LOreal in Glamorous On Zoom channel.

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21 Responses to FACIAL EXERCISES: For a beautiful face

  1. i want chubby cheeks.bcz i dnt have cheeks,plz give me some ecercise

  2. i want my face broad and heavy…plzz suggest me something that really will work

  3. how to get a chubby cheeks

  4. I’m anubhav… I age 22… I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall… and have a broad shoulders and a good build… but I have a very small face which is not matching my body…can u suggest any excercises to enlarge the size of my face

  5. hi madam, i want cheeks and good body pls give me suggestion pls

  6. hi, madam i want chubby cheeks.bcz i dnt have cheeks,plz give me some ecercises.

  7. hi, will you please give some tips or exercise to built my cheeks?

  8. hi madam,

  9. Please what to do to stop having sunken cheeks and a bony face?

  10. pls suggest me some gud n effective exercise to get chubby cheeks..

  11. pls give me some tips to get chubby cheeks

  12. Hi. Plz suggest exercises and diet for crowfeet, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around mouth and frown lines.

  13. hi, will you please give some tips or exercise to built my cheeks?

  14. Please suggest me some exercises for hollows just beneath the eyes where the cheek bone starts

  15. can we do the face exercises daily?

  16. need to improve my cheek lift, need exact exercise

  17. Hi,

    I have this problem, under eyes sags and also at the cheekbone area, so there are hollows under my eyes and both sides of the face from cheeks until mouth and the lines from nose to mouth is so prominent.

    is there any way to firm up these area to look younger

    please suggest any exercise

    thank you

  18. I’m abhinay… I age 21… I’m 5 feet 9 inches tall… and have a broad shoulders and a good build… but I have a very small face which is not matching my body…can u suggest any excercises to enlarge the size of my face pls…

  19. Hello Madam,

    I have gone through and and made ,my mom try some of the exercises mentioned by you and believe me its been 3 months and the results are awesome!
    So firstly let me thank you for the same!

    Also can you help me with one problem, its that of chubby cheeks i want my cheeks to look,more contoured ‘n’ toned..please help with the same let me mention here that im a slim girl my problem is my chubby face

    I would really appreciate if you help me out!


    Tina mirani

  20. Please tell some tips how to grow my cheeks to be plumpy and good

  21. Pl. suggest me some exercise for drooping jaw line and Vertical line around the lips

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